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Finding the balance between engagement and culture
Finding the balance between engagement and cultureJonathan Faurie12 November 2018

Trying to find purpose within a company can be difficult at times. The staff compliment within South African companies can often be made up of a melting pot of different cultures and personalities who mat not necessarily be aligned with the culture of a company.

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Facing a lifetime of rejection
Facing a lifetime of rejectionMyra Knoesen12 November 2018

In part one of this article we will take a look at the issue of client rejection.

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Five ways to 'sock' it to your clients
Five ways to 'sock' it to your clientsMyra Knoesen12 November 2018

Brad Johnson, Vice President at Advisers Excel, shares a quick story of how he personally created a “Wow” experience to set the stage for how to pull this off in your practice…

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