Winning at client grumblings – part 1

14 July 2017Myra Knoesen

How employees react to customer complaints can determine whether these customers remain loyal or move onto another company.

When a client has an issue with a product or a service, it naturally sets him or her up as a resistance power. How you respond to this challenge determines whether you can win the client back or not.

Confronting grievances

When you deal with customers in the real world, things are going to go wrong. Whether issues originate from dissatisfaction, it can be precarious managing a troubled customer.

In the age of social media, a disgruntled customer can easily tell hundreds of people about a bad experience.

Conveying reliably on those things that matter most to your clients will win client service. When you confront a client grievance, it is the best time to demonstrate that you remain by conveying winning client service.

Complaints provide the ideal opportunity to impress and persuade clients to stay faithful to your organisation.

A negative into a positive

The way companies handle grievances can mean the distinction between success and failure. How you handle customer complaints says much about your character, your style, and your commitment to the customer experience.

With the right strategies in place, you can rapidly transform a negative into a positive, and streamline processes in your business.

By approaching a complaint positively and looking at things from a customer’s perspective, you could identify the areas of weakness and pose the solutions.

In part two of the article we will take a look at the strategies you can apply to transform a negative complaint into a positive complaint.

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