What boomers really search for on google – Part 2

01 August 2019 Myra Knoesen

According to Sara Grillo, a top financial writer with a focus on marketing and branding for investment management, financial planning, and RIA firms, if you’re skeptical about Boomers using the Internet to find you, the data proves that Google can deliver results. The problem is that you are trying to be “found” by the wrong search terms.

In part one of the article Grillo shared some research on what retirees are searching for, according to Google. In part two, we look at what retirees want, according to Google.

What retirees care about, according to Google

This illuminated one is a simple lesson. Here it is, according to Grillo:

“Stop fighting Google. There’s no way you’ll know more than Google about the issues facing the people who you want to reach,” she said.

Here’s the next implication:

“The advisers who use the data available to them (not what they think or assume based on their own ideas) are going to get attention on the Internet,” she continued.

Marketing for financial advisers

“This analysis shows that most advisers are creating content based on what they think retirees care about. From the data, you can see that there’s very little curiosity about the financial aspects of retirement, other than the basics. Seniors are searching for information about retired lifestyle. Let me draw a simple comparison to support this notion. There were more searches for the terms ‘senior living’ and ‘retirement gifts’ than ‘retirement planning’, added Grillo.

“Writing a blog about some of the esoteric financial concepts advisers love to talk about may develop an impression of competence to those who find you. But only a few of those people will find you via Google search,” continued Grillo.

“Simply put, forget about that article entitled ‘10 Reasons why fiduciaries deliver the best objective, transparent financial advice.” Write a blog entitled, ‘The Best Retirement Cake Inscriptions’ and include your contact information in the byline at the end,” Grillo points out.

Mind-blowing data that Google provides

“I recently held a webinar on YouTube marketing for financial advisers. To prepare for that webinar, I analyzed the audiences you can specifically target if you are looking to create a YouTube advertisement,” said Grillo.

According to Grillo, there’s no guarantee that Google is tracking this correctly, but it was pretty mind blowing to see that you could pay Google, to put your YouTube videos in front of people who meet the following criteria (according to what Google knows about them):

Are classified as:

  • Luxury travelers
  • Luxury shoppers
  • Performance and luxury vehicle enthusiasts

Or are currently “in the market” for:

  • Business financial services
  • Financial services: retirement planning
  • Financial services: estate planning
  • Life insurance
  • Investment services
  • Residential properties (for sale)
  • Moving and relocation services
  • Cruises

Or have experienced a life event such as:

  • Recently started a new job
  • Starting a new job soon
  • Getting married soon
  • Recently married
  • Recently retired
  • Retiring soon

“And much more. YouTube even allows you to create an audience based upon whom you want to reach. Example: I want to put an ad in front of everyone who recently went to the Maserati website,” she said.

Sara’s upshot

“To compete in this industry in the next 10-20 years, understand that your biggest competition isn’t going to be the adviser next door – it’s going to be the advisers who understand how to use the data provided to them by the Internet to their advantage,” she said.

“Google is offering those advisers some pretty powerful data as ammunition. So, stop fighting Google – you are inevitably going to lose,” she concluded.

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