Uncovering powerful secrets behind phrases - Part 1

12 October 2020 Myra Knoesen

It is often said that practice makes perfect and a first impression counts. These notions cannot be any truer when interacting with clients.

There are many things you can say to clients that appear to be stooping, nervy or cheap – things that will annihilate the client encounter immediately. Regardless of how you speak with clients, you need to maintain a strategic distance from certain words and phrases.

It all starts here

Numerous client confronting employees do not know when they say a word or utilise a tone that insults clients.

The most exceedingly bad part is the fact that most clients are not going to let you know that they were annoyed or angry. They will simply detest the experience and not return.

Lynette Gil, Associate Digital Content Editor of, recently wrote an article in which she shared the nine negative phrases to avoid with clients (and what to say instead).

Sour within seconds

Gil says it usually starts when you're having a great conversation with a prospect or a client, and you’re thinking, “I think we could do business together.” That is, until a few words escape from your mouth that you didn’t intend to say, and everything turns sour within seconds.

“If only there were a time-travelling machine that would allow us to rewind to just before the exact moment that we catch ourselves saying the words that damage our relationship with that client or prospect,” she said.

She advises that when preparing to make a call:

  1. Don’t take complaints personally.
  2. Show off your personality. This increases trust, and helps people relate to you and the solution.
  3. Prioritise a solution. Instead of focusing on the problem, work towards results.
  4. Don’t sacrifice your safety. If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, ask for help.
  5. Once the problem has been solved, move past it.

Like mentioned above, Gil also believes that practice makes perfect and practicing these blunders will help you quickly adjust to different people and situations.

In part two of the blog we share the nine negative phrases to avoid with clients.


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