Six reasons why content marketing matters – Part 1

01 August 2019 Myra Knoesen

According to an article on Advisor Perspectives, written by Crystal Butler, an entrepreneur, creative marketer and results-driven business consultant with over a decade of experience helping financial advisers, creating and sharing quality content is an essential element in successfully marketing your financial advisory business.

Now it is time to dig deep into the various aspects of content and figure out why it is essential.

Personalize your financial planning business brand

“Advisers take pride in building, cultivating and nurturing their relationships with clients. But how do you form this type of connection with a person who is more than likely just researching you or your services online?” Asked Butler.

“Creating content is a great way to put a face and name to your business and a personal touch to who you are and what you do. If you think strategically about the type of financial adviser website content you are producing, you will show people not only what services you can provide, but also a bit about your personality, expertise, and values,” said Butler.

Establish yourself as an expert

“This is such an important point that I have written an entire article about it, How to Brand Yourself as an Expert. By creating and sharing valuable and credible content on topics you know, you establish yourself as an expert in your field. When you write original content on a difficult subject that helps someone solve a problem, it builds the likeability and trust factors,” she said.

“People are looking to you to manage one of their most valuable assets – their money. They need to trust that you know what you are talking about, that you stay current on industry issues, and have dealt with situations like theirs. What better way to do this than to write about it?” Asked Butler.

Engage your customers and prospects

“Creating content engages an audience that may not be otherwise engaged. By speaking to your clients and prospects less formally, you may make a connection with them to a greater degree than from your website alone,” she continued.

“Ninety-five percent of website visitors are just researching and are not ready to be contacted. Good content lets them learn and engage in a low-pressure way. They don’t need to request a meeting or buy anything right away, but reading your content adds value to their relationship with you. If you do it correctly, prospects will be motivated to provide you with their contact information so you can keep engaging with them in the future,” she added.

In part two of the article, Butler will share the final three reasons why content marketing is essential.

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