Make your next follow-up your best follow-up - part one

14 April 2024 Myra Knoesen

Following up is crucial to a business’s success, according to Erin Myers, contributor on Outbound Engine. “The faster you follow up, the more likely you are to close the deal. One study found that 78% of customers buy from a company that responds to them first.”

By not following up with prospects, Myers states that you put your reputation at risk and force them to take their business elsewhere. Talk about an anti-growth strategy!

“Worse still, you’re not just losing on that one transaction. For example, if a real estate agent abandons a prospect, they not only lose the commission on that transaction but miss out on any subsequent transactions, such as potential referrals,” she added.

Effective follow-up strategies

Following up with potential customers should be a high-priority component of any marketing strategy. With that in mind, here are five effective follow-up strategies Myers says you can use to connect with interested prospects.

  1. Make time and make a plan - Creating a follow-up schedule complete with notifications keeps the process efficient and effective. When you’re fielding leads from phone calls, emails, website inquiries, social media, and even snail mail, mapping out your plan of attack isn’t just convenient, it’s essential. Of course, a follow-up schedule is just a guideline for you. Your prospects are going to have ideas of their own, and they’ll buy when they’re ready. The best you can do is to remain vigilant, nurture the relationship and stay top of mind.
  2. Treat potential customers with respect - Following up with potential customers shouldn’t be tricky. The lead is warm, and the interest is there. All you need to do is initiate a genuine conversation that will hold their attention and nudge them gently forward. Do your homework and have your questions ready, but also come prepared to listen. Listen to what each prospect has to say. Get a feel for who they are and what they do, then figure out how you can make their lives easier without wasting their time. When you respect potential customers, your conversations resonate better. And there’s nothing more memorable than real advice from an industry expert, especially when it’s tailor-made for the prospect’s specific situation. Providing a quick follow-up to the questions and concerns of prospects and clients is an essential building block of long-term relationships. It shows them you care about their business and helps you earn their trust and respect.

In part two of the article, we take a look at the last three strategies – providing valuable content, meeting people where they are and the important of responding quickly.

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