Improving financial planning at your practice (Part 2)

13 March 2019 Myra Knoesen

In the continuation of ‘Improving financial planning at your practice’ Patrick Hannon, Enterprise account executive at Advicent, continues with his tips to improve the financial planning side of your practice.

Set up automated monthly marketing campaigns based on the following:

  • 18-30-year-olds
  • 31-45-year-olds
  • 46-Retired
  • Retired
  • Small business owners
  • Those with estate planning needs/concerns


Monthly campaigns should be on autopilot and contain different content for each group. Remember this is about providing value specific to the client, which keeps you top of mind. You should be sitting down and talking with any client in their 40s (and probably 30s) about the importance of tax-efficient investing. You should also be having face-to-face discussions about tax planning in retirement with any clients in their 50s.


There are tons of great marketing tools out there. You need to automate. Automate the production of content. Automate the delivery. You should be an expert in financial advising.

You are not a professional marketer, and your clients do not want you to be one. Content should be set up on schedules, segmented to subsets of clients and delivered on a consistent scheduled with little to no work to you.

Move your communication online

Most advisers already showcase their services with a website or LinkedIn and use email for daily communication. Here are a few tips to take it to the next level:

  • Email - Sync with your CRM. I use an automatic “bcc” that sends my emails to my CRM. It took 15 minutes to set up, and all emails are logged. This is great for compliance and increases the value of your practice because anyone could step in and know what a client’s experience has been so far.
  • Get a vault - Everyone hates faxing, driving to your office and putting an entire year of financial information in the mail. Get an online document vault.
  • Quarterly newsletter - Do you send quarterly updates? Move monthly and quarterly newsletters online and use a service that can track engagement rates. 

If you invest in tech, use it

You do not need more tools. You need to use the tools you have. My most successful partners look to time to learn the tools they have. The benefit is providing more value to their clients.

Look for companies that pride themselves on training and support. Hold times should be low or non-existent. Support should have chat features. Spend money and time to be trained on the tools. The best tools are not always simple the first time you use them. If they are, they probably are not sophisticated enough. However, after some training, you should have the knowledge to use the tool with a level of complexity that is not obtained during your trial.


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