When you just don’t get it…

08 March 2024 Rianet Whitehead


When you just don’t get it…

The grand return of The Insurance Apprentice (TIA) is here!

Embarking on its 10th season, this year is destined to be nothing short of extraordinary. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, the excitement is boundless because we are marking a decade of incredible milestones.

Setting the stage for an amazing journey ahead, it all started with 154 applications. In the end, 66 made it through to the elimination rounds, and what a journey it turned out to be!

Sponsored by Santam Specialist Solutions, the elimination rounds took place in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg, ensuring a fair opportunity for all contestants and aiming to identify the best among them. As the third and final round concluded, it became clear that the judges faced a truly challenging task in choosing the top 20. Yet, they successfully made the selection!

The Top 20
With flashbacks from the regional elimination rounds, episode one, sponsored by Discovery Insure, sees the top 20 contestants gathered at the Discovery building, for the final elimination round.

With judges Christopher Appanah (Bryte Insurance), Darryl Grater (Discovery Insure), Donald Dinnie (Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa), Linah Mabena (Standard Bank Insurance Brokers), Lizelle van der Merwe (Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA), Thokozile Mahlangu (Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA) and Wimpie Van Der Merwe (Global Choices) in tow, each team is provided with the brief of the day.

For their first task, contestants are divided into groups and tasked with coming up with an idea for a public-private partnership that would address some issues identified to mitigate insurance risk while helping the wider society at the same time. It was made clear that they should not focus on partnerships and concepts that already exist. Did they meet the brief without stepping on some toes? Let’s see…

The last task sees the contestants divided into pairs, ready to take on a topic in which to debate for or against. Creative and out-of-the-box thinking was needed, and most of them got that spot on.

Who will it be?
Only 10 contestants will vie for the title of The Insurance Apprentice of 2024, leaving the rest to bid farewell!

Who will emerge? Was the choice evident from the start?

Watch it here
We would like to thank Discovery Insure for sponsoring episode one of The Insurance Apprentice 2024. Santam Specialist Solutions also played a big role in getting us to the Top 20, so thank you Santam Specialist Solutions.

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Let us know who you think is most likely to be crowned The Insurance Apprentice 2024. Be sure to comment, like and share this episode. Be sure to tune in again, same time, same place, next week!

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