Apprentices out of their comfort zones

27 March 2015 Myra Rego

With half of the tasks for The Insurance Apprentice complete, the competition remains intense as the apprentices head to the finish line. Throughout the episodes the audience has been captivated by these young industry professionals as they tried to mark their spot as the winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2015.

Before we move onto the fifth episode which covers task four here is a brief recap of task three.

A brief recap

In episode four part 1 and part 2 of The Insurance Apprentice titled ‘Policy Renewal’ we watched the apprentices being ‘masters of their arts’ as they attempted to sell insurance to an emotional, yet dismissive client.

The apprentices nervously began their meetings with the ‘client’, as Judges Theo, Vuyo-Lee, Lemmer and Fern cautiously sat in and listened.

As the apprentices persistently tried to persuade the client to give them a mandate they were interrupted, questioned and in some instances caught off guard.

Team Cutting Edge consisting of Azhar, Aaron and Roxanne won the third task of the week.

See what team Cutting Edge had to say about winning the third task of the week here.

Developing a client value proposition

Author Brian Greene once said, “Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.” In the fifth episode of The Insurance Apprentice, this is exactly what the apprentices faced as they tested the waters of the unknown.

As the apprentices headed to the boardroom Judge Theo, and his fellow panel members Andrew le Roux, Head of iWyze at Mutual & Federal, and Carel Nolte, Head of Brand at Fulcrum and the Purple Group, deliberated on the task for the day and their expectations of the assigned teams.

The task for the day, sponsored by Mutual & Federal saw the apprentices faced with a completely different task as they put on their thinking caps to develop a value proposition for a client.

As these creative minds come together, readers get a glimpse of their skilful persuasion at play.

As Le Roux and Nolte paced the room and interacted with the apprentices, discussions took place and questions were asked. Le Roux, however, sensed some uncertainty within the teams and no clear direction of what was supposed to be done.

What did Le Roux decide to do? Did the uncertainty within these groups affect their winning strategy or did the judges feel sorry for them?

Hours later, the apprentices nervously began their meetings with the client, as Judges Theo, Le Roux and Nolte sat in and listened.

Which team won over the “board of the company”? Hear the verdict and what Judge Theo had to say in episode 5: part 1 and part 2.

Stay tuned

Please note that with the upcoming holidays release dates have changed. We remind you to stay tuned in the weeks ahead and look out for the last two episodes. Episode six will be released on Thursday 2 April and the final episode will be released on Wednesday 8 April.

AON is the social media sponsor for The Insurance Apprentice, so watch out for episode links and photos on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Help us like, share and retweet these as they come out. Or simply follow @Aon_SouthAfrica

The fifth episode was sponsored by Mutual & Federal.

Editor’s Thoughts:
Having completed half of the tasks, the apprentices should have been at ease and settled into the groove of things; however this task proved me wrong. Not only did the apprentices have to put on their thinking caps with uncertainty, but they had to test the unknown waters. Please comment below, interact with us on Twitter at @fanews_online or email me your thoughts 

P.S. Which of the six candidates do you think will be crowned the winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2015? Vote here (at the bottom right). 


Added by Mopedi, 28 Mar 2015
Shocked by Aaron's comment that Roxanne and I had no valuable contribution. Buddy, you battled to explain your idea and we had to build up on your idea, make sense of it and came up with the strategy. There was never a point during task 4 when you took leadership.
Walter, I am even more shocked about your comment, you were in the winning team once, 1/5, Come on now!
I wonder if that panel of judges would agree with your statements. I am so eager to see what's on the next episode:-)
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