SATIB introduces SATIBGo: A new insurance offering for travellers to Africa

01 August 2023 SATIB

SATIBGo offers inbound visitors comprehensive travel insurance cover, including unparalleled incident management services across Africa.

• For the first time ever, South African-based tour operators can extend essential travel benefits to their clients through SATIBGo.

• SATIBGo is available to any traveller from any destination travelling into Africa, or the Indian Ocean Islands.

• In addition to traditional cover, SATIBGo caters for post-pandemic exposures and gives visitors instant access to Africa’s leading incident management specialists, medical personnel and evacuation/repatriation assistance.

Many travel insurance products and assistance services available in Africa’s source markets fall short when it comes to catering for travellers to Africa.

SATIBGo Travel Insurance (SATIBGo) fills the gap, providing comprehensive cancellation cover options, immediate remote medical assistance, first response services and evacuation, as well as comprehensive cover for medical expenses incurred as a result of illness and/or accident while travelling. Standard cover can even be extended to include 100% Trip Cancellation and / or Cancellation For Any Reason.

“Providing the right cover limits with an understanding of remote locations, third world medical infrastructure (outside of major metropoles) and unreliable transportation are all nuances we understand,” explains Andre du Toit, Business Development Head at SATIB Insurance Brokers.

Designed by industry experts and specialists in Africa travel, SATIBGo is backed by Lombard Insurance Company Limited, Nexus Re (UK), United States Fire Insurance Co (USA) and SATIB24 Crisis Call – Africa’s leading incident management team.

And in a travel industry first, SATIBGo can be purchased directly by South African tour operators, allowing them to embed the product in their own packages, thereby offering guests 24/7 access to Africa’s leading crisis response specialists.

SATIBGo, which starts at a flat rate of from as little as US$7 per person, per day, includes cover for:

1. Expenses incurred as a result of trip cancellation, postponement, interruption and extension.
2. Missed transport connections, travel delays or overbooked flights.
3. Emergency medical transportation, including evacuation and repatriation.
4. Security protection and political evacuation.
5. Luggage delay and/or loss.
6. Repatriation of mortal remains.
7. SATIB24 Crisis Call.

du Toit believes SATIBGo offers tour operators – and their guests – complete peace of mind.

“If a guest is injured or becomes ill while in Africa, it often falls to the operator or agent to step and assist. Trying to locate and communicate with a myriad of different travel insurance call centres can be frustrating and very often reflects negatively on the operators and the clients experience in Africa. By embedding SATIBGo Travel Insurance you gain peace of mind, knowing that you and your guests have the backing of Africa’s best.” says du Toit. “SATIBGo has been developed by people who not only love Africa and are passionate about the inbound tourism industry – but who also understand African travel inside out. No one knows Africa like we do.”

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