One size doesn't always fit all!

04 October 2006 HIU Consultants

After all, not one of your many guests or visitors are the same. Each one has their own unique needs and preferences which they expect you to cater for. That is the demanding nature of your business.

The extensively redeveloped product range from HIU Consultants THE Leaders in Hospitality and Tourism Insurance is now available:

By now it is no secret that Innovation is one of our primary corporate objectives. This continued focus on development allows us to see well beyond the short and medium term business environment.

While we are hard at work on our next product range, which will take us to 2010 and beyond, we are releasing our latest range of all new, all improved product extensions designed specifically for the industry.

Now whilst many may claim to have a similar objective we rather let the facts speak for themselves:

The first underwriter with the broadest comprehensive product range for the entire Hospitality and Tourism markets;

The most flexible and comprehensive product range available in the market still today;

The best augmented product bundle available adding value only where it counts;

The only underwriter to continuously release improved product versions based on customer demand 15 in just under 10 years;

The benchmark for consistent service delivery and claims payments;

One of very few underwriters to openly advertise their service levels and actually achieve them;

The most flexible and appropriate underwriting skill in the niche market suppliers;

The underwriter who best understands their customers business;

The only underwriter with almost 10 years experience in the entire Hospitality and Tourism industry;

The only underwriter to provide essential risk management services to our clients at no cost;

The underwriter with the most specific directed skill in the Hospitality and Tourism industries and the Liability experts on the legal framework in the Hospitality and Tourism sector;

Through our continued service ethic we have been involved with many of the leading, global award winners in the Tourism market for almost 10 years. This, more than anything else, bears testament to the facts stated above.

Find out today exactly how we can assist your business with your insurance and risk management requirements before the peak season rush.

Ask your broker to contact us or speak to us on 011 455 5271 or via for your nearest regional branch

We welcome all new and potential customers to experience the way insurance should be personalised, customized and most importantly of all supported with service as hospitable as your business demands you to be.

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