MUA launches new product aimed at middle income earners

31 March 2016 Christelle Colman, MUA
Christelle Colman, CEO of MUA Insurance Acceptances.

Christelle Colman, CEO of MUA Insurance Acceptances.

I am incredibly excited to announce that MUA has officially launched its new personal lines insurance product aimed at the South African middle income market - the MUA Personal Policy. This new product is our solution for individuals who do not yet qualify for the MUA Executive Product, but want access to the exceptional personalised services offered by MUA. The product has been available since the 16th of March 2016.

The new personal lines product was created with middle income earners in mind, as opposed to our MUA Executive Policy that is exclusively available to high net worth (HNW) individuals.However, the new MUA Personal Policy still has the extraordinary MUA touch to it. All our clients will be treated as individuals, whether they are Personal or Executive policyholders – they will receive the same attention and service excellence. MUA is perfectly positioned to price our policy competitively to this new target market, through our productive partnership with Auto & General. This collaboration enables MUA to use the economies of scale at Auto & General to allow the MUA claims model to work smoothly and effectively.

The basic entry level qualifying requirements for a client to buy this personal lines policy, is that their sum insured household contents must exceed the value of R250 000. As soon as thepolicyholder’s assets grow and their household contents exceed the value of R750 000 the client may be migrated to the MUA Executive Policy and have access to the benefits this policy has to offer.

MUA is well prepared to welcome an influx of new business as we have improved our resources to deal with new clients. Everybody at MUA is ready to do business.

We look forward to working together with you to make this product a success!

For any queries, please contact our toll free number 0861 682 467 or email us at


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