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11 August 2015 Ilona Hilditch, Alexander Forbes
Ilona Hilditch, Executive for Marketing and Advertising at Alexander Forbes Insurance for Platinum Woman.

Ilona Hilditch, Executive for Marketing and Advertising at Alexander Forbes Insurance for Platinum Woman.

Today’s women are busy individuals who balance a multitude of responsibilities from being a homemaker and mother to business woman. That is why having an insurance policy especially designed for a woman’s lifestyle can offer the right protection when they really need it, says Ilona Hilditch, Executive for Marketing and Advertising at Alexander Forbes Insurance for Platinum Woman.

“The reality is that men and women have different insurance needs, so it’s important that women familiarise themselves with their insurance needs to make sure not only that their belongings are properly protected, but also to avoid the financial cost of having to replace them as a result of damage, theft or loss.”

Often, a woman's most valued personal belongings are either carried around with her, such as a laptop and in her handbag. Contents can include cell phone, purse, sunglasses, ipads, ID, credit cards, cash and perfume. It is vital that women make sure that cover for these high-value items is included in their insurance policy, and that they are covered for their total replacement value to avoid underinsurance.

“Alexander Forbes’ Platinum Woman short-term insurance delivers safety and support for women. It is a combined motor and household policy which provides discounted premiums to women for being a lower insurance risk and has several other unique benefits. These include generous handbag contents cover, breast cancer cover, female driver discounts, a concierge shopping service, roadside security service and complimentary hijack prevention training to name a few,” adds Hilditch.

Hilditch offers some tips to make sure that you get the most out of your handbag, motor and home insurance:

• Add up the replacement value of your belongings.

• Ensure you have adequate cover to replace your valuables should they be stolen or damaged.

• Conduct regular valuations at a reputable jeweller when insuring expensive jewellery to ensure the jewellery is insured for the most up-to-date replacement value.

• Keep thorough records, including receipts and, obtain an updated certificate from a local jewellery store; which includes details such as size, weight, cut, dimensions, clarity, settings and types of gems and a photograph of the article which will assist in recreating the article in the event of a loss.

• Make sure you are covered in the best possible manner; you should talk to a specialist insurance consultant to fully understand your insurance policy. Read the fine print and ask as many questions as you can about loss, theft or damage.

“For women, good insurance is not only personal service and up-front discounts, but also a package of unique benefits designed to reward, assist and most importantly, to protect you. Remember it is better to be prepared than to suffer the consequences, “concludes Hilditch.

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