Hollard Insurance Partners welcome Oojah Travel Protection on board

20 May 2010 Oojah

Oojah Travel Protection has become the newest partner of Hollard Insurance Partners (HIP) allowing business to provide the full spectrum of travel insurance. Joining the Hollard family network as an underwriting manager (UMA), Oojah presents new business opportunities and marketing possibilities for Hollard’s partners and brokers.

With a focus on empowering clients with information, Oojah aims to help them make an educated travel insurance choice by informing travellers about the differences in travel policies and the need for comprehensive travel insurance. This knowledge allows the traveller to make the right travel insurance decision, giving them the peace of mind to have a great travel experience and adventure, knowing they are fully covered.

HIP is excited by the doors this very competitive travel offering can open for you. In essence, Oojah is priming itself to explore new distribution avenues in addition to conventional travel distribution channels by using technology to market via the internet, retailers, affinity partners and brokers to access both private and business travellers.

To demonstrate the importance of travel insurance, here are some examples of what could happen whilst travelling:

· You arrive at your destination but your baggage doesn’t:

o If it is delayed who will pay for the necessities?

o If it is stolen who will pay for the replacements?

· You are involved in an accident and adequate medical treatment is not available:

o Who will help arrange and pay for emergency evacuation?

o Who will pay the medical expenses in the nearest appropriate hospital?

· Your passport and wallet are stolen:

o Do you know how you will replace your passport, travellers’ cheques and cash?

o How will you contact the consulate?

· You missed your connecting flight because of a flight delay. You arrive in your connecting city but your flight is gone and the next flight is not until the next day:

o The travel delay cover pays for accommodation and meals

HIP sees Oojah Travel Protection as the right partner at the right time – to give great value to Hollard’s network by offering solid expertise and specialist back up in the travel insurance arena.

Oojah is a strong new partner who is results driven and charged with passion and energy. With an innovative team, the Hollard family’s capability just got bigger.

Connect with Oojah through Uriah on telephone: 012 482 6705, cell: 083 309 3592 or email:
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