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24 October 2006 HIU

A wise man once said that a person can be considered truly fortunate if they are able to look back and identify the opportunities they allowed to pass them by!

This is a bit deep for us ordinary insurance folk but we guess that this has two sides: 1 - that you are fortunate to have had enough opportunity to have allowed some to pass you by and; 2 - that you have been wise enough to identify when an opportunity is really an opportunity and when an opportunity is really just a gimmick masquerading as an opportunity.

Now we don't ever want : WOULD A, COULD A, SHOULD A to be used in the same sentence as our name but we also do not want to jump onto the 2010 bandwagon.
We, like many of our competitors, never want to miss an opportunity. We, unlike many of our competitors, insist on delivering REAL VALUE where it counts. We will provide you with cover and benefits you really need and which we can offer with confidence and in a sustainable manner. Watch this space for our specific products and benefits for 2010.

A simple example is our GUESTS EFFECTS cover already in our policies. It is balanced, well thought out, constructive and adds value to your business today by looking after the future of your business your guests.

This cover allows you to PROTECT YOUR BRAND by allowing you to PROTECT YOUR GUESTS their person and their property. It is true that we ask you to use disclaimer indemnities when possible and practical, but we are flexible on this point. The majority of our GUESTS EFFECTS cover does not require there to be a signed disclaimer indemnity. Cover provided automatically under the Contents Section and available, in addition, under the All Risks Section does not require a disclaimer indemnity be signed by the guests. Values between R10,000 and R1,000,000 are available automatically and depending on your needs. 

We are clear and transparent in our dealings. As underwriters we need to be. We don't say something we don't mean and we dont mean something we dont say. Never DISCOUNT the importance of integrity when it comes to your insurer. Never DISCOUNT the importance of real value when it comes to insurance cover.

This is why we do not subscribe to every possible GIMMICK that comes along. If we jumped into every pseudo opportunity that presented itself we would inevitably end up confusing our brokers, misleading our clients and having to backtrack on half the promises we made because there was not enough substance behind them.
Remember to always check the BOTTOM LINE cost - not every discount is a special offer and not every special offer is really special.
At HIU we pride ourselves on delivering value where it really counts:
* The broadest product range specially for the BnB / Guesthouse segment;
* The best product for each segment of the Hospitality and Tourism markets;
* Real Cover that matters when you need it most;
* Exceptional claims service delivery with guaranteed service levels;
* Quality suppliers and partnerships;
* Guidance and support on risk management and business sustainability;
* Member benefits for FEDHASA, NAA, GHASA, AA Travel, SATSA members.

We wish Fifa, the SA organising committee and every stakeholder the best of luck in hosting a truly world class event in 2010.

Contact your broker or visit us on for information on real value insurance products today.

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