Europ Assistance SA’s new family lifestyle solutions : Making life simpler and easier

27 March 2015 Europ Assistance SA

In a time where spending quality time with loved ones as well as finding time to attend to those urgent yet time-consuming errands, has become a luxury it helps to know that you can now provide your members with a bouquet of products that are guaranteed to free up their time.

Europ Assistance SA’s range of new Family Lifestyle Solutions will ensure that your members’ needs are taken care of. From provision of the best educational opportunities for their children as well ensuring their safety in circumstances beyond the parents’ control to ensuring that they’re not out of reach for long – we promise to offer our clients relevant and revolutionary products in line with our ‘you live, we care’ philosophy.

Our three new products innovations reflect our customer-centric focus to add value to whatever your members do, empowering them to do more. As the market leader in the Value Added Services industry, we provide our clients with world class service and ground-breaking solutions that offer the right assistance at the right time.

The first service that forms part of our Family Lifestyle Solutions is Smartphone Fix, which enables your members to have their damaged cell phones repaired without having to take time off work, or stand in queues.

We can arrange for the damaged phone to be collected and returned once repaired, all within a 48-hour turnaround time.

Next we have Teacher-on-Line, an effective, interactive telephonic and online academic service that is offered in English and Afrikaans, available to primary and secondary school pupils between Grades 4 -12.

With a dedicated team of experienced and qualified teachers, we can offer your child assistance across a range of school subjects from Mondays to Thursdays from 6 - 9 pm during school terms.

Our curriculum, which is CAPS (National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements) aligned, is relevant to both public and private schools in South Africa.

Our teachers have access to fully animated visual aids including video clips and detailed diagrams making it easy for learners to follow and understand the study material visually on their devices while engaging with the teacher. Teacher-on-line enables the teacher to communicate with the learner through a virtual classroom, view the student’s work and guide him or her through problem areas.

After each lecture, learners complete a quiz to test their knowledge and also receive lecture summaries in the form of notes, graphs and illustrations.

The learner can also do mock examinations with exam-type questions and is provided with fully worked solutions and tips on how to approach the questions.

Teacher-on-line will ensure to improve a learner’s understanding of the work and consequently boosting their exam marks while making studying fun. It also replaces the need for expensive extra lessons.

The third and last product offering is the Kiddies Cab Service, a child transport service for children between the ages of 5 to 18 years. As a working parent, your members are sure to face the dilemma at one time or another of how to pick up their children from school to dance class or from football practice to home without missing that all-important meeting.

In such instances, our Kiddies Cab Service is the perfect solution as it offers your members a convenient, trustworthy and cost-effective transport for their children, ensuring they’re collected on time and delivered safely to their destination. Only drivers with a valid Professional Drivers’ Permit and a minimum of five years driving experience are assigned to our cases.

You can find out about these new products by contacting the Europe Assistance SA’s Business Development team by sending an email to

Add service. Add Value. Add Europe Assistance SA.


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