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20 July 2023 The Professional Provident Society (PPS)

In the ever-evolving landscape of medicine, where errors can occur and reputational damage is a constant risk, health professionals need to protect themselves against the potential financial losses and legal ramifications that may arise.

This is where professional health indemnity insurance comes into play. Professional indemnity is essential for all professionals but is mandatory for medical professionals.

No healthcare professional relishes the thought of making a mistake or being accused of being negligent in the execution of his or her professional duties. However, even in cases where no mistake has been made, healthcare professionals may face legal or statutory challenges which necessitate a costly legal defence. When such situations arise and summons are received, the value of health professions indemnity (HPI) insurance and advice is truly appreciated.

PPS Health Professions Indemnity is a personal or group policy that protects registered healthcare professionals and their practices against claims and complaints resulting from alleged medical negligence or failure to exercise the duty of care towards a patient.

With a steadfast commitment to the well-being of its members, the Professional Provident Society (PPS) – a financial services company that focuses exclusively on graduate professionals and operates on the ethos of mutuality – developed the PPS Health Professions Indemnity product. The product, founded on the three core principles of financial security, sustainable quality indemnity and active engagement, was initiated to address certain challenges faced by South African health professionals, such as the litigious landscape and rising professional indemnity costs.

The cover provided by PPS is comprehensive and caters for any claim or complaint arising from a healthcare professional’s clinical practice. Policyholders are assisted 24/7 with medico-legal advice, legal support, and representation at the Health Professions Council of South Africa if a member of the public should lodge a complaint, judicial inquiries and malpractice litigation with payment of damage awards.

PPS Health Professions Indemnity CEO Jaco van der Sandt says, “At PPS, we provide the insured party with indemnity cover that will include the professionals’ own legal costs as well as any compensation to the claimant and/or legal fees that are up to the limit of indemnity of the policy. In doing this, we provide all parties with peace of mind and financial protection needed in the event of a claim”.

“To be on the safe side, it is better to have HPI cover. There are significant advantages to being covered, such as financial protection from lawsuits. Situations like these can interrupt your practice, but if you have HPI insurance, then all your defence costs are borne by PPS,” explains Van der Sandt.

“If you are held responsible or being blamed for financial loss suffered by one of your patients because of your consultation or services, it puts a great mental and financial burden on your practice and yourself. HPI gives you peace of mind that gives you the confidence to perform better in your profession, achieving greater results,” adds Van der Sandt.

If you would like to find out more about the PPS HPI insurance, please visit

* PPS Health Professions Indemnity is a division of PPS Short-Term Insurance Company Limited Reg. No. 2005/005531/06, an insurer licensed to conduct non-life insurance business and an authorised FSP. Licence No.46274.

The Professional Provident Society (PPS) is the largest South African company of its kind that provides financial services exclusively for graduate professionals. PPS operates under the ethos of mutuality, which means that it exists solely for the benefit of its members.

PPS membership provides access to a comprehensive suite of financial and healthcare solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of graduate professionals, including life insurance, short-term insurance, health professions indemnity, specialist support services, financial advisory, wealth advisory, investments and administers the Profmed Medical Scheme.

Members with qualifying products from PPS Insurance, PPS Investments, PPS Short-Term Insurance and Profmed share in the operating profits and losses of PPS Insurance, PPS Investments, PPS Short-Term Insurance and PPS Health Administrators annually through PPS’s unique Profit-Share* Account. After we have honoured all valid claims, covered the expenses of doing business and set up reserves for future possible claims, we distribute what is left to our members with qualifying products, together with investment growth, either as claims or as allocations to their Profit-Share Accounts. So, the greater their contributions in these products, the greater is their part of the annual Profit-Share.

Visit for more information. PPS is a licensed insurer conducting life insurance business, a licensed controlling company and an authorised FSP.

* Allocated to members with qualifying products. Past performance is not indicative of future performance

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