Crisis Management for 2010 World Cup

24 January 2010 SATIB Business Consultants

Corporate companies, tour operators and accommodation establishments are taking their international guests' safety seriously during the World Soccer Cup inSouth Africa.

Dr. Simon King, Managing Director of TRM Crisis Call Centre says that his company is tripling its current capacity to deal with emergency incidents over this period. "Our anchor client, SATIB Risk Solutions launched their SATIB24 Guest Crisis Call coupon product in January and based on the positive response that they have received to date it is clear that hosts are takingtheir international guests' safety seriouslyduring the 31 days of the event" saysDr. King. "We have a vastly experienced team of fire experts, medical doctors, paramedics, nurses and security advisors on hand to assist with the full spectrum of emergencies from minor ailments to more serious incidents such as critical injuries, hijacking, kidnapping and rape."

Having access to an emergency incident management facility for advice and recommendations can make all the difference in handling an emergency. It removes the decision making process from staff members who are perhaps not in the best position to make such decisions and it transfers the liability to the service provider handling the call. This means that an experienced person makes the most appropriate decisions for both the victim and the business.

TheSATIB24 Guest Crisis Call coupon is available to corporate companies and the local tourism trade who will be hosting at least thirty guests over the period from 01 June through to 31 July 2010. The coupon includes insurance cover to pay for incident management fees and definedmedical evacuation andoutpatient intervention costs including trauma counseling.

"In our twenty years of providing risk solutions to the tourism and hospitality industry, we have found thatthe 'Golden Hour' between a critical incident occurring and appropriate intervention being implemented can be the difference between life and death or at the very least will have a positive impact on the likelihood of a claim for negligent liability being instituted against the client. The biggest influencing factor in this regard is often the delay in getting a foreign guest's travel insurance or medical aid to authorize medical intervention costs. SATIB clients already have access to the SATIB24Guest Crisis Callfacility as a value-added benefit attached to their insurance portfolio, so what we have done with the 2010 World Cup coupon is made this available to the industry at large and the take-up has been phenomenal" says Des Langkilde, Marketing Director at SATIB Risk Solutions.

Further information can be obtained fromDes Langkilde on031 562 1880 or

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