Comprehensive insurance for the sports fanatic

27 June 2017 Deanne van Doesburgh, Hollard

Hollard’s Sporting bundle covers your sporting assets and liabilities from A-Z.

South Africa is blessed with an exceptional outdoors lifestyle, which explains why sport is such an intrinsic part of our culture. Whether its golf, soccer, cycling, running, sailing, kayaking, skiing, cross-fit, rugby, cricket – you name it and somewhere there is a game, match or race on the go. Of course, all these sports come with a significant amount of investment into gear and equipment, which is why Hollard’s new generation insurance option - the Sporting bundle – is just the ticket for the sports enthusiast* who wants to take care of all their gear and any potential liability that could arise from their sporting pursuits.

Hollard’s Sporting bundle is an optional benefit that you can bolt onto your portable possessions cover – which applies to items that you take out of the home from time to time and would thus not be covered under your usual home contents insurance – such as your sports equipment and accessories,” explains Deanne van Doesburgh from Hollard.

“It provides cover for the loss of or damage to your sports equipment while in use and includes items such as diving and golfing equipment, bicycles, surfboards, paddle skis, kayaks, canoes, kite boards, windsurfing boards as well as sailboards, to mention a few. It also provides cover for loss of or damage to any additional accessories or equipment that do not form part of your standard sports equipment, such as GPS units, helmets, gloves and other protective clothing and gear; even vehicle accessories such as a roof rack or a bicycle rack,” says Deanne.

The Sporting bundle also provides cover for aspects of the sports world that you may not have considered, such as liability cover. “This answers the question of what happens if you fall during a cycle challenge and cause three other cyclists to take a tumble too. Forming part of your personal liability cover, the policy will respond to any legal liability to a third party who is injured or dies, or has damage to their property,” explains Deanne.

If a cyclist or a runner finds themselves in a situation where they may have bitten off a bit more than they can chew, Hollard’s Sporting bundle will cover them for an emergency ‘pick-up’ and return them to their car, home or place of safety if suffering from fatigue, dehydration or any other non-medical cause.

“If, however, it is a sports-related medical emergency, the Sporting bundle provides access to medical assistance, which includes medical advice and medical referrals. It also provides roadside emergency stabilisation and transportation to an appropriate medical facility as well as inter-hospital transfers if the closest medical facility cannot provide the treatment required,” she adds.

“You need to call Hollard’s helpline on 0860 123 3279 to arrange for the services of the Sporting bundle, so it’s a good idea to have the number on your speed dial if you’re a sports junkie.” suggests Deanne.

“Golfers will be pleased to know that Hollard’s Sporting bundle also includes hole-in-one cover that will provide you with R5 000 should you hit a hole-in-one and need to foot the celebratory bill at the 19th hole,” concludes Deanne.

* The Hollard Sporting bundle is not available to professional athletes who earn an income or sponsorship fees from their sporting activities.

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