Competition for qualified property buyers heats up as economy toughens

22 February 2017 Lee-Ann Dobrescu, Hollard
Lee-Ann Dobrescu, Head of Group Business Development at Hollard and co-creator of the Hollard Home Warranty solution.

Lee-Ann Dobrescu, Head of Group Business Development at Hollard and co-creator of the Hollard Home Warranty solution.

With the residential property market contracting in 2016 and 2017 likely to see more of the same in line with a tougher economy, the market is very much in favour of buyers who now have more choice and leverage with pricing negotiations.

“Selling your property quickly in a down-turned economy, for the price that you want may seem like mission impossible. The key success factor as a seller lies in making your property stand out from the rest to ensure that you’re able to attract qualified buyers and sell your property faster, and get that fair market-related price without having to sacrifice profit or sanity,” says Lee-Ann Dobrescu, Head of Group Business Development at Hollard and co-creator of the Hollard Home Warranty solution.

Consider these valuable tips from Hollard before you pop up that ‘for sale’ sign:

Tip #1: Get the pricing right.

A professional real estate agent will prove invaluable in helping you assess the value of your property in relation to other similar property sales in the area. If you choose to sell your property privately, thoroughly research property sales in the area and, if necessary, get a professional valuator to assist you. Priced too low, you lose out financially. Priced too high, you won’t get the offers you need and your property becomes ‘stale’ on the market, with prospects assuming there must be something wrong with it.

Tip #2: First impressions matter

Consider what a prospective buyer will experience the first time they drive up to your home and walk through the front door. Take a good look around your home – is it clean, neat and tidy? Is the garden well-tended? Does it look cared for? Very few prospective buyers look at houses that need loads of work to make them liveable.

Tip #3: Tend to the repairs

While we’re not recommending you go on a major revamp of your home if you plan on selling it, tending to repairs and maintenance can make the world of difference. Don’t ignore necessary repairs that could be a red flag to a potential buyer. If they are interested, buyers will instantly look at ways of negotiating down on your price because of the perceived cost of the obvious repairs.

Tip#4: Sell with the promise of peace of mind

One of the best ways to protect yourself and the buyer against the financial implications of serious defects, and in turn make your house instantly more attractive to qualified buyers, is a Hollard Home Warranty. It couples a professional property inspection to an insurance policy that protects the buyer and seller against the financial and legal ramifications of any defects that may emerge in the property for two years after taking transfer.

A Hollard Home Warranty can mean a faster sale because any issues of mistrust between buyer and seller are removed. It can also mean getting a higher price for your property as you’re less likely to be negotiated down – buyers place significant value on peace of mind. Most importantly, a house sold with a Hollard Home Warranty differentiates yours from the rest - buyers are more likely to consider your home first. For more information about the Hollard Home Warranty go to or call 0861 HOME4U (0861 466348)

Tip #5: De-clutter Your Home

De-clutter your home as much as possible and pack away all the personal items such as photographs, memorabilia, pet beds, stuffed animals, skins and so on. Ideally you want to create a clean, blank canvas that potential buyers can visualise their own lives and likes in.

Tip #6: Take great photographs

Once you have cleaned up, de-cluttered and done all the required repairs, get professional photographs done. More and more people shop online for homes these days, so you can make your property listing really appealing with professional photographs. Consider getting a photographer to do the job in the best possible light conditions that add atmosphere, appeal and charm to your home.


Follow these handy tips, and no matter the market conditions, you’ll give your property sale a serious up on the thousands of other competing properties on the market. When it comes to selling your property, peace of mind is an invaluable tool. And it’s as easy as cleaning, decluttering, repairing and getting a Hollard Home Warranty in place for a ‘for sale’ sign that shouts ‘trust me’ and ‘buy me’!

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