Coface launches "GlobaLiner", its new offer designed to better meet the needs of multinational companies

24 January 2022 Coface

Thanks to a unique international network, a presence in over 100 countries and 75 years of experience in servicing exporting companies, Coface today accompanies more than 600 large clients and is the credit insurance world leader for multinationals. Coface Global Solutions, dedicated structure and teams were set up in 2012 to provide this type of clients with a central access point to Coface while benefiting from the service and local skills of the teams.

Because of their international footprint, large companies have to deal with increasing regulatory complexity, while their internal demands for operational efficiency is rising. In this new environment, Coface has decided to go one step further in adapting its solutions, with the launch of its new GlobaLiner offer designed exclusively for multinational clients.

In concrete terms, GlobaLiner supports the development of multinational companies with faster contract issuance and greater control over local insurance policies. This new offer is based on an IT investment that allows the use of a global library of clauses, registered in a hundred languages and regulatory environments.

"Our starting point was the fact that large institutions with a global presence and multiple subsidiaries abroad have specific needs in terms of risk management. They want to have a global view of their customer risks but also want to optimise their control with local risk management and very detailed monitoring and analysis tools. They need a partner to accompany them with simplified contract management, including globally aligned policies and clauses for greater efficiency and consistency in their risk placement. GlobaLiner provides them with this centralised management system and the possibility of benefiting from a harmonized offer worldwide. Our clients can pool the management of their risks and benefit from Group clauses applicable in all the countries where they operate", comments Karine Damman, Director of Coface Global Solutions.

With this new service, Coface wants to continue to support its international clients by securing their commercial development, while improving their operational performance. Coface's multinational partners will benefit from a strengthened value proposition that includes:

- an international network offering credit insurance services in more than 100 countries
- dedicated teams of 220 staff in 7 regions focused on the management of large programmes
- a set of dashboards to acutely control customer risk
- a centralised system for negotiation, and now contract agreements that are more consistent and allow to increase efficiency

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