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17 January 2024 Associated Loss Adjusters

At Associated Loss Adjusters, we are committed to being leaders in the industry, ensuring we provide our clients with continued professional excellence.

Among our services in all areas of insurance claims, we have a qualified liability team which is here to assist with resolving third party claims that are particularly difficult in terms of coverage or complexity. These claims can be of significance to an insurer for financial, operational or reputational reasons. Problems can arise at the outset of these types of claims, as the claim develops, or as negotiations deteriorate.

We view the service that our liability team provides as critical in the current insurance market and believe that we can play a crucial role in determining insurers’ liability, policy response, and in facilitating fair and appropriate settlement for third party claims.

Our liability adjusters are qualified attorneys, with extensive experience in insurance and reinsurance dispute resolution. We have a proactive approach and promote effective communication between client, broker, and insurer.

Our key responsibilities include:

1. Expertise and Experience
Liability adjusters are professionals with specialised knowledge in assessing and managing liability claims, with experience in negotiating all types of delictual and contractual disputes.

2. Objective Assessment
We provide an impartial and objective evaluation of the circumstances surrounding the incident, conduct the necessary research, and determine the extent of the insured’s potential liability based on the available evidence and applicable laws.

3. Efficient Claims Handling
Employing a liability adjuster can streamline the claims process. We have the expertise to analyse,
investigate, and negotiate liability claims efficiently, facilitating a quicker resolution.

4. Policy Interpretation
We are well-versed in insurance policies and can interpret the terms and conditions that may impact liability. This ensures that claims are handled in accordance with the policy provisions.

5. Cost Management
Effective handling of liability claims can contribute to cost management for the insurer. By accurately assessing liability and negotiating fair settlements, unnecessary expenses may be avoided.

In summary, we bring expertise, objectivity, and efficiency to the process of managing liability claims. Our involvement can lead to fair resolutions, reduced legal complications, and overall improved claims handling for both the insured and the insurer.

We specialise in the following types of claims:

• Public Liability;
• Personal Injury Liability;
• Product Liability (including Defective Workmanship);
• Professional Indemnity;
• Employment Practices Liability;
• Commercial General Liability;
• Environmental Liability;
• Cyber Liability;
• Medical Malpractice;
• Directors’ & Officers’ Liability;
• Financial Lines.

Put our independence, technical expertise, and integrity to work on your business and discover why Associated Loss Adjusters is the preferred choice among those in the know.

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