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18 May 2006 Angelo Coppola

We speak to Tracker spokesperson Gareth Crocker about some issues around the allegations made in a national daily newspaper.

As an opening comment Crocker says that Tracker subscribers should not be concerned as firstly, the allegation is based on an alleged incident from several years ago involving five vehiclesand that secondly,Trackeris focussing all its energies on ensuring that it has the best internal security in the business.

The problem of crime syndicatestrying to infiltrate business is certainly not only a Tracker problem, but an industry-wide one. In fact, it strikes at the core of many industries.

Q: Is there any truth in the allegations?
A: There is certainly no proof at this stage, but if the accusation is found to be true, Tracker believes that it has acted swiftly and responsibly.

Q: What impact has the article had on the business?
A: It's certainly difficult to tell at this early stage, but there certainly hasn't been a major outcry.

The majority of our customers have just asked for more information or clarification on the subject, and have then been quite happy with how we are handling the matter.

In fact, we've had a number of positiveresponses from people congratulating the speed with which we've acted, the open way in which we've conducted ourselves and the seriousness with which we are now taking an unfounded accusation.

Q: What are you doing to ensure that this doesn't happen - if it did happen again?
A: We have various security steps in place currently - as outlined in our previous statement.Suffice to say, we will be taking another very close look at the processes we have in place and, wherever possible, will be looking to tighten securityfurther.

Q: Is technology beingused to a greater extent today than five years ago?
A: Certainly.

Q: Will technology eventually replace human interaction?
A: Never entirely.

Editors comments:
* In their initial statement Tracker attacked the messenger for not revealing their sources. If there is a problem fix it. Source protection lies at the very heart of press freedom, and respected journalists understand their responsibility in this regard. So Tracker fails this test. They get top marks for dealing with the problem in the speedy manner in which they did.

* Interestingly the other operators in the market have been remarkably quiet, which could mean anything. We wait with baited breath for their comments.

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