It's all about timing - vehicle security

24 May 2006 Angelo Coppola

This is the third newsletter concerning the vehicle security industry and is in response to the coverage received concerning Tracker and alleged criminal activity that has taken place.

Deon Bayly, MD at Electronic Tracking Systems says that much has been made about the fact that these events supposedly happened a number of years ago, but I cannot believe that the problem has since disappeared.

If anything, the story will make us all more vigilant and aware of these issues.

Their business has managed to keep the number of staff who has access to sensitive client data down to a bare minimum, which means that their internal security that much easier to manage.

None of their staff have ever been found guilty of colluding with criminal elements and to the best of his knowledge none of their staff have ever been approached by any syndicate.

All staff members have been cleared and approved by SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) for what that is worth.

According to him, one of their greatest strengths at present is that they have kept their presence very low key.

Keeping well under the radar has meant that there are not many people in South Africa who have a real understanding of how their technology works, and certainly very few people even know what their device looks like.

Meanwhile, according to Harry Louw, Sales & Marketing Director at Altech Netstar says theirs is a security company and very aware of the importance of confidential data, which could compromise security in the wrong hands.

Various measures are taken to prevent this data being misused. All employees are security cleared prior to employment, they all have to sign confidentiality agreements, access to data is strictly controlled, installations all take place within secure premises, case procedures on unrecovered vehicles are analysed and polygraph tests are conducted from time to time.

Whilst none of our staff have ever been implicated in any vehicle crime cases, we remain vigilant, knowing that it is possible for a crime syndicate to try and target staff members.

The company has a comprehensive strategic programme aimed at improving their recovery rate. It involves many different thrusts, including installation quality, technology, infrastructure, operations, data analysis, and performance rewards.

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