Hollard recovers hundreds of cars for clients and others

31 July 2019 Arie de Ridder, Head of Motor Claims at Hollard Insure
Arie de Ridder, Head of Motor Claims at Hollard Insure

Arie de Ridder, Head of Motor Claims at Hollard Insure

When an insurer saves its clients millions of rands, that’s great insurance. When it does the same for other insurers clients, that’s creating better futures for everyone.

Between July 2018 and May this year, the Stolen Vehicle and Recovery department in Hollard Insure’s Motor team recovered 963 vehicles belonging to Hollard customers. Their combined retail value was R194-million.

“Our Stolen Vehicle and Recovery team saves Hollard and our customer's tens of millions of rands in claims costs every year. The painstaking tracing and recovery work we do every day reunites people with their vehicles,” says Arie de Ridder, Head of Motor Claims, Hollard Insure.

But, he continues, it’s not just Hollard customers who benefit from the Stolen Vehicle and Recovery team’s successes.

“Over and above the vehicles of Hollard Insure’s customers, the team also recovers hundreds of vehicles insured by other insurance companies and even more that are uninsured.

“In fact, in the July 2018-May 2019 period, the team recovered 294 vehicles covered by other insurers, with a combined estimated retail value of R26.9-million,” says De Ridder.

“On top of this, they found another 399 vehicles, with a combined estimated value of over R35-million that were uninsured”

(Recovered vehicles covered by other insurers are reported to the South African Insurance Crime Bureau, and recovered uninsured vehicles are handed over to the South African Police Service for further action.)

What this means, De Ridder argues, is that Hollard Insure is going much further than providing its customers with excellent motor insurance cover; it’s making a positive difference to society at large.

“Hollard’s business purpose is called Better Futures. It holds that everything we at Hollard do, and how we do it, must create and secure better futures for more people.

“It is estimated that 70% of vehicles on our roads are not insured; it stands to reason, then, that the loss of a vehicle will hit the uninsured person particularly hard.

“But by recovering a large number of uninsured vehicles, many of which can be returned to their owners, our Stolen Vehicle and Recovery department is making a positive contribution to society as a whole – and those vehicle owners in particular – and living up to our Hollard Better Futures promise,” says De Ridder.

“I am proud to call them members of my Motor team.”


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