Global Choices adds empathy and functionality to the insurance value chain

14 September 2020 Global Choices
Wimpie van der Merwe, CEO at Global Choices

Wimpie van der Merwe, CEO at Global Choices

Having a car accident is a seriously traumatic experience, especially if your car is left undriveable afterwards.

“In many cases, drivers are left without any means of transport after a car accident,” says Global Choices CEO, Wimpie van der Merwe. “Even those drivers who are insured – with car hire – can be left for days without a vehicle while they wait for their claim and car hire to be approved.”

Global Choices’ Car Hire Replacement value add solves this conundrum by ensuring a driver has assistance immediately after an accident.

“It’s a harrowing experience and drivers are often left unsure what to do or who to call,” says Van der Merwe. “Very often the most important thing for someone who has been in an accident is to hear a voice of calm and certainty. They need to know that everything is going to be okay and that they have someone there to support them throughout the ordeal.”

Global Choices prides itself on the knowledge, professionalism and empathy of its emergency contact centre staff.

“Helping someone after an accident is as emotional as it is functional,” says Van der Merwe.

Global Choices’ value-add products (VAPs) can turn a stressful situation into an incredibly powerful and positive customer risk event experience. The Car Hire Replacement VAP, for example, kicks in as soon as an accident is reported, setting a chain of events in motion that support the client both functionally and emotionally. At the press of a button a number of things happen simultaneously:

1. A call centre agent contacts the driver to find out the extent of the accident
2. The driver is asked to submit digital images to the broker. (These can be submitted live or at a later time if the client has no data on their phone)
3. A pre-populated claim form is generated and sent to the client for review and submission to the insurance company
4. A tow truck is dispatched, if required
5. A chauffeur is sent to the scene, if required, to transport the driver and passengers to their home or office
6. A rental car is dispatched for delivery to the driver’s home or office, regardless of whether or not the claim gets approved

The Global Choices team also helps the customer to report the accident to SAPS, provides ongoing reporting on the progress of repairs to the car, and transports the client to the repair shop once the car is ready.

“We provide a true end-to-end service to the customer – from a 24-hour contact centre and assistance services, to case management and follow-ups.

“Brokers are able to brand the service themselves, adding huge value to their customer relationships,” says Van der Merwe. “Plus it’s all done with the Global Choices touch, adding empathy every step of the way.”


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