Maitland partners retire from Webber Wentzel Bowens

13 January 2008Maitland

Maitland and Webber Wentzel Bowens (WWB) today announced that nine lawyers who are partners of both Maitland and WWB will retire from WWB on 28 February, 2008.

Although this event will terminate the 31 years of formal ties between the firms which commenced when Maitland Chairman and founder, Eric Pfaff, established a Luxembourg presence for WWB in 1976, the close ties of confidence and support between the firms will continue to be nurtured.

The move was prompted by WWB’s transformation plans which are in line with the recently adopted Legal Services Charter and the recently announced merger with Cape Town firm, Mallinicks. This merger has confirmed WWB’s position as one of the largest South African law firms. David Lancaster, Senior Partner of WWB, said: “Our focus now is on consolidating our position as one of the leading law firms in South Africa and the rest of Africa while Maitland’s focus has become more orientated towards cross-border corporate, trust, tax and wealth-management services. Clearly, these areas of focus will overlap and we will continue to provide support to each other.”

Pfaff, presently the longest serving WWB equity partner, said: “When I set out from WWB in 1976 I never imagined that a small office in Luxembourg would grow into the successful professional services firm which is Maitland today, with over 500 employees spread over eight countries and four operating divisions. This success can be attributed in part to the close co-operation and support we have enjoyed with WWB over the years. I am confident that our relationship will remain strong and productive despite our ceasing to have any formal links.”

Maitland will continue to provide logistical support to WWB in Europe, particularly in London, where WWB will be represented by Vaughn Harrison.

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