Where have all the interns gone?

02 December 2014 INSETA

INSETA recently caught up with Indwe Risk Services, one of the Seta’s numerous partners implementing skills development, to find out what has happened to the interns who participated in the company’s internship programme.

Indwe Risk Services - passionate about our youth!

Indwe provides short-term risk services, and has for the past eight years partnered with INSETA to implement, among others a very successful internship programme.

To date, Indwe has absorbed 100% of the interns into the company, some of whom now work at other companies – an extraordinary achievement. Interns are able to apply skills and knowledge after completion of the internship in various fields of insurance.

Indwe has also benefited from a gifted pool of former interns who are being trained in leadership programmes as part of succession planning.

The interns have become trained mentees in specific professions and have skillful mentors who provide continuous learning as part of Indwe’s mentoring programme.

Interns who completed the internship programme, enter the insurance industry with a full short term insurance qualification and RE 5 (regulatory examinations) that they achieve whilst on the programmes.

Four former interns recently attended an Introductory Management Programme. Other interns are also permanently employed in the different business areas (Business Insurance/Individual Insurance/Specialist Risks, eg Trucking, Aviation).

Indwe’s success with their internship programme, can largely be ascribed to their rigorous selection process to appoint interns.

Indwe’s selection process

“It’s a vital part of our strategy to ensure that interns reflect the values and ethos that Indwe underscores and strives towards – it’s very important for the individuals and Indwe to be in synergy – where a prospect's personal values are aligned with Indwe’s values,” says Shoki Motau,…

“The interns are trained to become experts in what they do to enable the company to successfully implement our business strategy.

“In addition, we look at leadership qualities during the recruitment of interns. People with good leadership qualities, demonstrate self-leadership which is a necessary condition for self-discipline and self-motivation and are more likely to work unsupervised.”

Motau explains that Indwe recruits unemployed graduates for their internship programme and learners who have completed their matric for their learnership programmes. “We also look at interns/learners with disabilities. Indwe looks for prospects with passion and the ability to engage others. A person’s motives and character traits must culminate in the desired way of doing business at Indwe.”

What are the employment/career opportunities within the company?

Motau says learners/interns are trained in specialised areas such as individual insurance, business insurance (small/medium/large), corporate insurance, trucking insurance, marine insurance, liability cover and in managerial/leadership positions.

Indwe also encourages interns to study Management/Leadership programmes and Risk and Management programme that are funded by INSETA.

What are the typical things the interns receive practical training on?

“Application of the theory in the workplace and proficiency in the application of work in areas they are exposed to in different fields eg individual insurance, business insurance and specialised insurance,” says Motau.

The interns are also trained in soft skills as well as administration. “The interns are actively engaged in the programmes,” adds Motau.

This approach ensures that interns not only gain practical experience about what must be done in the workplace, but also how it must be done. “Professional conduct is an absolute necessity when executing one’s work in the financial services industry,” says Motau.

How does the company cater for providing work-based experience for unemployed youth?

Indwe is always open to new talent especially among unemployed youth and provide opportunities for undergraduate students who need work-based experience to complete their tertiary qualification. The youth are also provided with qualified Indwe mentors and coaches to assist them in the workplace.

Motau says although there is a risk of losing the learners to other insurance companies after they have been permanently employed at Indwe, they see this as an opportunity to promote youth employment. “Indwe trains unemployed interns with the aim to contribute to youth employment in South Africa. Whether workplace ready interns are employed by Indwe or another company, does not really matter, what is important is that they are active members in the economy of South Africa.”

What are the ex-interns currently busy with?

Seri Mofokeng (Specialist Risks & Projects Division)

“I work on Directors & Officers Liability, Cyber Risks, Event Liability and Aviation. I also assist with the AAB (Africa Allied Broker) network. My responsibilities range from: corresponding with members; updating member documents; coordinating regional meetings and conferences and assisting with media related features as well as channelling member queries and sourcing quotations for new business opportunities.

“We have global partners (such as UNIBA) who require information from us which I assist in submitting. They sometimes refer business to us, which I have assisted in securing. I also assist with tender submissions, which sometimes come from other branches or direct to Mr Drahota for Specialist type projects.”

Chrisann Naicker (Commercial Administrator)

“At the moment I am administering the Advocate Scheme for Advocates practices. I assist with financial administration such as invoicing and keeping track of payments; I update renewals and new business lists and let everyone know the renewals due in a specific month.”


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