RE Exam: Letter to Moonstone’s Torture Masters

11 November 2011 Moonstone

The following e-mail caused quite a stir in the Moonstone RE department:

Dear Moonstone Torture Masters

I sat the KI Exam on Monday 7th Nov, arriving confidently as I had completed about 8 mock exams with a passing average in the mid-70’s; and having studied the 2 Inseta books where I passed the Self-Assessment sections at around 90 %. I went through those 2 books a few times as well.

I also attended a confidence builder workshop as part of my mental preparation for the REs.

My confidence was shattered and my bowels weakened around Question 4 in the exam.

The actual exam is far removed from the training material. That was my first observation.

The second was that there are too many questions unrelated to a Short Term KI only.

As the licensing Categories are absolutely distinct, why does a Short-term KI have to answer even 1 question unrelated to this licence category?

I will not be able to sleep until I get my results and If I have to sit the exam again, my feeling is that I cannot rely on the readily available training materials.

Please can you let me have my results as soon as humanly possible. I will not sleep until I know my fate.

BTW, the invigilator is a very sweet lady. She tried to counsel me, bless her.

Dear Cliff

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions in such an entertaining manner. We comment below on the issues raised.

The actual exam is far removed from the training material.

Cliff, we have pointed out on a number of occasions in our publications that the actual legislation is the only official study material. The questions were drawn up using the legislation, not any study material. One often forgets that the long-term goal of these examinations is to equip one to operate within the law, and not only to pass an exam.

The second was that there are too many questions unrelated to a Short Term KI only.

This view is often expressed by candidates, and I am pleased that you brought it up.

In some of the questions we use scenarios from a real life situation to try and test a candidate’s understanding of a particular section of the legislation. While the scenario may refer to a particular category, the underlying knowledge being tested is purely focused on the legislation, and not on your knowledge of investments or healthcare, for instance.

We really welcome feedback from candidates as it provides us to address problems that exist, and to clarify possible misunderstandings.

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