Open Day to introduce business programme for under-qualified managers

19 January 2012 UCT Graduate School of Business

Aspiring business leaders will be able to learn more about bridging educational opportunities at the UCT Graduate School of Business on 26 January. An open day held at the UCT Graduate School of Business’ Executive Hall will introduce the Associate in Man

Aimed at emerging leaders without previous tertiary education who want to further their careers, the programme is a stepping stone to further tertiary education and other management development programmes.

AIM allows people with only working experience access to a world-class business school education, where they learn hard business skills while cultivating their full individual potential. They graduate with a certificate from the Faculty of Commerce at UCT, which is then recognised as a credible qualification, allowing admission to other tertiary programmes.

AIM has proved a significant advantage for numerous graduates, some from disadvantaged communities and harsh personal circumstances, who have gone on to find success in their respective careers and businesses.

Head of Channel Marketing at Capitec, Sbusiso Kumalo, says the AIM programme was the essential ingredient for reaching his aspirations to further his studies.

“I started working straight after school, so my experience outweighed my education and I needed to bridge that gap. AIM was a perfect start to my MBA aspirations, as it was originally designed for people in my situation – working full time with no formal qualification and no time to study full-time,” he says.
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