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04 November 2010 Gareth Stokes
Gareth Stokes, FAnews Online Editor

Gareth Stokes, FAnews Online Editor

Are you intimidated by the body of knowledge required to tackle your FAIS Regulatory exams? You needn’t be – because help is at hand. Lexis Nexis has announced “the most significant development in the financial planning education environment in the past five years”. They’re launching a textbook called Fundamentals of Financial, which will be available from December 2010. The textbook offers comprehensive coverage of financial planning topics at undergraduate level (NQF 5&6) and also covers a number of product category outcomes for the FSB regulatory exam syllabus. The new textbook complements the best selling South African Financial Planning Handbook! What does the new textbook cover? We flipped through the content pages to find out.

Everything you wanted to know about financial planning – and more

Fundamentals of Financial Planning delves into every aspect of personal financial planning. It comprises eight sections – with a number of chapters under each.

Section 1: Fundamentals of Financial Planning

The first section of the book provides a comprehensive overview of the financial planning industry. Because this section is relevant to every individual in the advice space I though I’d provide an outline of each of its chapters:

Chapter 1: The financial planning profession

Those of you already active in the financial planning industry will enjoy the use of “profession” in the chapter heading. It’s an acknowledgement of the major progress made in setting standards and education requirements for existing and new entrants to the industry. The first chapter of the textbook touches on financial planning as a profession and provides an outline of the key stakeholders in the financial services industry.

Chapter 2: The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act

Everything you ever wanted to know about the FAIS Act is jam packed into this section. The book offers a background to compliance legislation and touches on Policyholder Protection Rules before unpacking the Act in detail.

Chapter 3: Counter-money laundering

If you’re in the business of advising clients on how to invest their spare cash you’ll inevitably run into some declarable transactions. The book outlines the Prevention of Organised Crime Act and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act to insure you understand your legal obligations with respect to the prevention of money laundering activities.

Chapter 4: The Client and the Financial Planning Process

The nuts and bolts of financial advice happen in the client facing stages. Fundamentals of Financial Planning comments on the importance of financial planning and walks you through the six-step financial planning process.

Chapter 5: Financial Calculations and the time value of money

Retirement planning is all about knowing how much money you need 20 years from today to last you another 20 years in retirement. A section on financial calculations and the time value of money is an essential tool for any financial planner. Chapters in this section cover basic principles, simple and compound interests, calculating future values of single lump sum investments, calculating bond instalments and amortisation – with practical examples. The book is worth having just for this important knowledge.

Section 2: Insurance planning and risk management

If you’re going to sell either short or long-term insurance this section is just for you. It covers all aspects of risk management – from the basic “what is risk” to the advanced topics such as proximate cause and subrogation! Healthcare is addressed as a separate chapter in this section.

Section 3: Tax Planning

Love them or hate them, SARS has upped South Africa’s revenue collection mechanisms over the past decade. They’re getting smarter about making sure your clients pay every cent of their tax dues. This section puts the magnifying glass over tax and tax planning aspects under the headings Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Donations Tax – plus Transfer Duty and VAT and Estate Duty!

Section 4: Investment Planning

Nothing highlighted the importance of long-term investment planning more than the stock market hiccup experienced over the second half of 2008 and 2009. Investors who made short-term decisions over the period suffered huge losses to capital value. A financial planner can benefit from this section which imparts basic economic concepts and advanced investment planning skills.

Section 5: Estate Planning

Nothing is certain but death and taxes! Section three handles the “taxes” side of this equation, while the Estate Planning section handles the “death” angle. Fundamentals of Financial Planning covers aspects of succession planning, matrimonial property law and the law of and taxation of trusts.

Section 6: Retirement Planning

The retirement planning section is divided into two chapters, one covering individual retirement tools and strategies – and the other addressing employee benefits.

Section 7: Business Planning

The number of sole proprietors and small business owners has escalated in recent years. These individuals have unique needs when it comes to planning their financial futures. Fundamentals of Financial Planning includes a section to familiarise you with the business world – including insurance needs specific to businesses and understanding business financial statements.

Section 8: Integrated Financial Planning

And finally – the book provides case studies to illustrate the financial planning theory in practise.

Get your copy today!

The publishers have a wicked sense of humour. After a great deal of effort – or so they say – they managed to trim the textbook down to just 600 pages! The good news is the book is easy to read, and affordable. You can order copies at just R400 excluding VAT and delivery.

Lexis Nexis has been kind enough to offer copies of Fundamentals of Financial Planning to three lucky readers. To win a copy all you have to do is answer the following question:

How many sections does Fundamentals of Financial Planning contain?

Send your answer along with your name, postal address and contact number to We’ll send a copy of the book to the first three correct entries received.


Added by Lebo, 13 Apr 2020
Hi guys
I will be writing my RE5 soon first time ever im scared need study buddies and study material if u do have can u kindly share with me

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Added by Faiek , 11 Mar 2020
Good day, I will be writing my RE5 for the 6th time in two weeks time and I need assistance to pass it ?
Anybody who know anyone who can help me pass the exam which is guaranteed kindly drop me an email on
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Added by Mbali, 17 Aug 2019
Hi guys

I am writing my RE5 next week anyone who can help with mock exam Please.
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Added by Teddy, 14 Aug 2019
I'm going to write my RE5 exam for the 3rd time end of the month. Does anyone have any Mock exam papers to help me with.. my Email is PLEASE
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i am going to write an RE5 exam for the first time anyone who can assists with mock papers can email me at or forward via watsapp on this number 0731738770 o contact me at 0731738770,i will really appreciate your help.
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Added by Zahir Shaik, 03 Jul 2019
Hi I will be writing my RE5 for the fifth time. Highest mark 64%. Any one have any mock exams and answers. I will really appreciate it. My email address is

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Added by Clint, 18 Apr 2019
I received some more mockup papers. Some of the papers are clearly outdated though. Willing to share what I got.
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Added by Clint, 08 Apr 2019
I have some material if anyone needs it. I am writing in the next couple of weeks if anyone has any mockup papers other than the ones I have
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Added by Biata, 15 Mar 2019
Hello, i failed my re5 last month and intend to rewrite soon. Does anyone have mock question papers or a whats app study group? Please anyone help..
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Added by Tanya, 20 Nov 2018
Hi...ive written 6 times, highest mark is 58%
What to do...
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Added by Shellina, 07 Nov 2018
I'm going to write my RE5 exam for the 3rd time end of the month. Does anyone have any learning material past exam papers to help me with.. My email..
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Added by Pamela, 24 Oct 2018
I need someone who can help me pass my Re5 exam I'm writing for the third time please help my cell number is 0795909451
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Added by Sibongile, 17 Oct 2018
Hi i need help any one who has study material and 500 mock questions and answers please help I'm writing my re5 for the third time
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Added by Kearabetswe Masibi, 08 Oct 2018
Hello, I need help with preparing for RE5 exam. Please contact me on 0614488700 or email me at

Thank you
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Added by Alida, 12 Aug 2018
Hi. I wrote this past Wednesday for my 3rd time and failed once again. I have studied Anna Bouhail's study material and attended her workshop and to be honest the questions asked in the paper was not even indicated in my study material. I am starting to lose all hope in passing and think that there is more corruption involved than what the eye meets. And may I just say that whom ever drafts these exams must have a huge sense of humor by gambling with words and even wonder if they know the correct answer. There were a few questions asked that completely wobbled my brain and after the exam asked a few colleagues with recognised qualifications what the correct answer should be and even left them with uncertainty. Shouldnt the main focus be in obtaining and learning the facts and correctness to defeat scenarios in and around the workplace and not leaving you more confused and feeling helpless. And yes I NEED HELP IN PASSING THIS RE5 !!!!
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Added by Mlungisi Kunene, 19 Jul 2018
Please contact me if you have a study group or workshop of some sort to assist for RE5 Exam.
065 910 1625
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Added by Melissa Botes, 25 Apr 2018
Should any of you still require assistance, I offer workshops for R300 to assist with RE5 - Support Programme
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Added by Doris , 24 Apr 2018
Hi i'm i'm writing RE1 2nd week of may i need you urgent assistance please

Thank you
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Added by Maahir, 05 Jan 2018
This RE examination seems like a money-making racket, a sham, under the guise of "professionalising" the industry and protecting the consumer.

Although I fully agree with its aim, I do not agree with the way examination appeals are conducted which comes at yet another cost. This lack of transparency can only but make one sceptical. The fact that the test taker is expected to accept the outcomes of the appeal without evidence, that is; being shown where he/she made errors or if some of or most of the errors were in fact made in the first instance.

I guess this is part of their hidden agenda, to keep test takers in an examination-registering-payment loop. Which I think is typical of government, and is similar to that of the income tax concept, where first they justify it, create consequences for non-compliance, then make it cyclical. The result, the taxpayer is in a bind and a significant portion gets lost to corruption.

So they need to get the transparency bit right, then fewer test takers will need to do rewrites, there'll be an increase in pass-rates and for their sake they'll appear to be more credible. The thing is pass-rates as a measure of success by examination bodies is not valued at all, more likely revenues from test-taker-retakes are. Herein lies the problem, CONFLICT of INTEREST.

Which is shameful, as people's livelihoods are being held at ransom. This is my take on it.

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Added by Lucia, 30 Oct 2017
Please please i need help to pass RE5 im going to write next week for the fourth time contact me at 0794311462
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Added by mida, 19 Sep 2017
is there anyone who just wrote exam once then pass?
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Added by Mbuso, 31 Jul 2017
Hey I will be writing RE1 key individual on September please kindly help me to pass
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Added by Mbuso, 31 Jul 2017
Hey I will be writing RE1 key individual on September please kindly help me to pass
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Added by slindile, 28 Jun 2017
Hi guys.

I'm around Durban will be writing soon, anyone willing to share ideas or study group please contact me whatsapp 0735601656.
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Added by marda, 23 May 2017
i have just failed for the third time - please help me!!
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Added by Buhle, 02 May 2017
Am going to re write RE for thirth attempt now please help I really need to pass
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Added by Alison, 19 Apr 2017
please help will be my 3rd attempt
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Added by Busi Vilani, 19 Apr 2017
Hello everyone

My name is Busi...I have noticed that we all need help in passing this thing.

and then I thought why dont we study on our a whatsapp group chat.

We can share ideas,tricks and strategies.

And to be honest...this thing is not difficult it's tricky and challenging....oh well am up for a challenge.

My number is 0799399180.
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Added by Nonceba, 18 Apr 2017
Im writing my RE exam next week and i need assistant as i will be writing for the 3rd time
i want to pass it this time
my email address is to anyone who is willing to help
thank you
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Added by miemsie, 17 Apr 2017
Please help me pass my RE5 will be the 3rd time contact me on whatsapp 073 496 0321or cell number 079 820 1208
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Added by MARINDA BOTHA, 16 Mar 2017
Plse, help me to pass RE5 / this will be my 4th time
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Added by zweli, 21 Feb 2017
I need help to pass RE05 .my number 071 564 2210
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Added by Gugu, 04 Feb 2017
I need help to pass my Re5 please I'm writing nextweek
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Added by Aaron, 31 Jan 2017
i need help to pass RE5 my number is 0734159872 thank you
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Added by Thanduxolo, 30 Nov 2016
I will be writing my RE key individual January 2017 I need you to help me pass it. is it possible that we communicate My cell is 0725371264/0132332012
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Added by Percy, 02 Oct 2016
I am interested on getting the financial fundamentals pls I want to get it
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Added by Edward, 14 Jan 2016

Anyone looking for assistance with RE1 (Key Individuals) / RE5 (Representatives), please send an email to and we will communicate from there.

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Added by busi , 11 May 2014
I'll be writing for the 10 times RE5 on thursday with moonstone. Please help me to pass this time.
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Added by Nombuso, 19 Dec 2013
I need help to pass RE, i have tried 3 times but with no luck. Please help my work is at stake if i don't it.
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Added by Mahlatse, 06 Nov 2013
I'm writing re in a couple of days I need help to pass it pls
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Added by toby, 03 Oct 2013
Hi I want to pass my RE5,please assist my number are 0764756306
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Added by ernestene, 02 Oct 2013
i am in a process of writing my RE please i need your help to pass my RE 1 , thank you.
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Added by victor, 31 Jul 2013
Hi i'm in a process of writing my RE, i currently studying the module, i will like you to help me to assist me to make sure that i pass my RE please help
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Added by wendy, 09 Jul 2013
help to pass RE exam, I not sure we do start I wrore 9 time
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Added by phumudzo, 18 Feb 2013
Hi I'm Phumudzo I need your help about passing RE level 1 my contact number is 0714865355 thank you'
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Added by Joekam84, 17 Dec 2012
I would like to pass RE Adams.
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Added by jerry, 23 Mar 2011
require info on retirement planning
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Added by Donovan , 08 Nov 2010
Hi Gareth I am keen on purchasing a dozen of the Fundamentals of Financial, for Advisers in my operation, it beats the old bottle of wine or whisky as a Xmas gift as has the potential to assist the Advisers in ways that they can afford to buy their own bottles of good vintage well into the future. I have however gone onto the Lexis Nexis webite and it would seem there is no record of the book as yet. Or am I wrong? Regards
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Added by Donovan , 08 Nov 2010
Oh .... and it contains 8 sections.
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Added by Colin, 05 Nov 2010
It contains 8 sections
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Added by Marion Mangold, 05 Nov 2010
It contains 8 sections.
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Added by Jackie, 05 Nov 2010
Fundamentals of Financial Planning contain eight sections.
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Added by Gideon, 04 Nov 2010
it contains 8 sections
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