Moonstone Monitor: Check your Credits

10 October 2008 Moonstone

We are currently experiencing a big upsurge in enquiries from brokers about their credits as the year speeds to an end.

Many who attended training is quite happy that their responsibility is now over, but is it?

Your achievements need to registered by your training service provider with the SA Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

The SAQA website provides the following information to assist learners to determine their standing:

How do I verify learner achievements of qualifications?

For your own verification, e-mail your National ID number and full names to You will receive a transcript of all the information on your learning enrolments and achievements that is on the National Learners' Records Database (NLRD).

For verifications concerning a third party, an agreement needs to be signed first.E-mail: for a copy of the agreement.

Who can make use of the NLRD information?

· As a learner you can request, from the NLRD, a record of your own personal learning achievements. (Information already stored on the NLRD: South African university achievements up to 2004 and South African technikon / university of technology achievements from 1999 to 2004.)

You are able to see a full list of the standards and qualifications registered on the NQF. You will be able to verify the accreditation status of providers of the qualifications you wish to pursue.

How do I contact the National Learners' Records Database at SAQA?

· Director: NLRD, Yvonne Shapiro, e-mail, tel. (012)4315050 / fax (012) 431 5051.

· Deputy Director: NLRD, Cleo Radebe, e-mail, tel. (012)4315155 / fax (012) 431 5051.

It appears that there is another problem which may lead to disappointment for many who address their enquiries to SAQA.

Before the information can be placed on the National Learners' Records Database, the course material and the whole process has to be verified by Inseta. Sources in the training field say there are instances where this verification has fallen behind, which means that folk who attended training still has no official proof that they comply with the fit and proper requirements.

We have spoken to PSG Konsult with whom we have associated to provide Recognition of Prior Learning assessments to our clients. PSG Konsult will provide learners with an official letter stating full details of training attended which can be sent to the FSB as interim proof. We have requested the FSB to confirm that this will be acceptable to them in the light of the above backlog and await their response. At best this is only a temporary measure, and the onus is still on you to ensure that an official record is generated, and your details appear on the NLRD.

Once Inseta has given the thumbs up, your training service provider will load the information onto the NLRD. If it appears that this will not happen before the end of the year, and you need to have your 30 or 60 credits by then, you would be well advised to start making enquiries, either to your training service provider or SAQA to get clarity on the issue.

If, like me, you have difficulty in understanding "edu-speak", please phone Albert Marais or Ronel du Toit of Moonstone at 021 883 8000.

Hulle praat ook vlot Afrikaans.

Moonstone Monitor 16 October 2008 - Update on the above

INSETA on Track with Verification

We received input from INSETA on last week's article regarding the difficulties experienced by FSP's to obtain confirmation of credits for training completed.

The facts are that INSETA ETQA has no backlogs at all. We are right on target and on track with the verification schedule and within the agreements we have with our education and training providers re their schedules for verification.

It may be good for you to read the actual notice sent out and not to erroneously conclude that INSETA has verification backlogs.

INSETA has a right to identify strategic interventions, and currently this strategic intervention is focused to ensure that all learners who were enrolled with providers, have their achievements recorded and uploaded in time for them to have assurance re their FAIS credits. We are thus working with all those providers who submitted any applications for verification, scope extensions, assessor and moderator registrations, to be assisted soonest, so that there are NO LEARNERS who will not have received feedback re their FAIS status by end October 2008.

There you have it folks. All should be well by the end of the month, provided that your training service provider submitted the required information to INSETA.

License applications and Profile Changes

The FSB have advised that there will be no License Committee meetings in January, with the last one for this year early in December. This means if you are late for the December deadline you will have to wait until February next year. If you therefore contemplate applying for a license or effecting a profile change to your existing license conditions, please do so urgently. You can speak to the gorgeous Lauren Crous of our license division at 021 883 8000.

FSB Compliance Report Workshop

Just another reminder of the Moonstone workshop for all one person FSP's without a compliance officer. These will be conducted in February next year to ensure enough time for you to submit yours before the due date of 28/2/2009. We are finalising the venues and booking will open as soon as this is done. If you want to make sure that you do not miss out, please let Yolandi know by e-mail to
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