Intelligo Solutions is proud to announce that our Pure Online Platform is SETA approved

09 February 2015 Intelligo Solutions

We have chosen to implement an online system to provide another method of learning as this method of learning offers flexibility for students who have other commitments and there no need to commute to a classroom or to the training provider’s office to deliver a portfolio of evidence. The online system is more cost effective than classroom or paper based learning. This method of learning is suitable for home study and corporate employees. The online learning allows the corporate employee group to create study groups during lunch breaks or after working hours.

The Online system is available on our website – Online.

Once the interested party has accessed the Online system it allows the interested party to browse the available course or qualifications available by filtering the selected course or qualification. On selection of the course or qualification the applicable unit standards will reflect. On registration the interested party will receive their access information and will be able to select and enrol for the unit standard/s of their choice.

The system allows the student to access the knowledge material, complete the formative and summative assessments online. The assessor will assess online and the student will receive an email advising the results are available in the My Tests and Results pop-up. The moderator will complete the moderation on online and the SETA will access the online system to verify.

To ensure the interested party is tech savvy all applicants are required to complete a Computer Literacy entrance assessment. Should the applicant not achieve competence on the entrance assessment they will be advised to complete their studies via distance paper based learning.

The system allows for authentication on all components and automatically creates a back-up making it accurate in the storage and access of data. The data storage capacity is unlimited and is back-up on 2 external servers.

Our noteworthy accredited system benefits the student as the system allows the student to study and complete the assessment tools online at their own time and pace as long as the selected unit standards are completed by the semester deadline date.

It must be cautioned that the online learning is a self-directed nature of online learning, the student will be accountable for their own time management, motivation and written communication. The student will need to be prepared to communicate telephonically or email for tutor assistance. It is up to individuals to assess and decide if online learning is right for them

We offer the following:

Pure Online

1. FETC: Short Term Insurance Qualification ID49929/66610 Level 4
2. FETC: Retail Insurance Qualification ID49835/66609 Level 4
3. FAIS RE Level 1 RE5 exam preparation
4. NCA - IOB Agents card exam preparation
5. FICA with simulated test and test records

Blended Online (Knowledge Online – Download the Formative Assessment, print and complete)

1. FETC: Business Administration SAQA ID 61595 NQF Level 4
2. FETC: Contact Centre Operation SAQA ID 71489 NQF Level 4
3. FETC: Debt Recovery SAQA ID 49021 NQF Level 4
4. FETC: Marketing SAQA ID 67464 NQF Level 4
5. FETC: Project Management SAQA ID 50080 NQF Level 4

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