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13 February 2019 Rianet Whitehead

The deadline for the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is 31 May 2019 and will affect most financial professionals who, according to the FAIS Act, need to remain Fit and Proper.

Whether you are a category I, II, IIA, III or IV, you will need up to 18 verifiable FAIS CPD hours each year, which must include Professional hours and at least three Regulatory hours on Ethics and Practice Standards (only applicable to FPI members).

If you are a CFP, FSA, AFA or RFP you will need 35 CPD hours, 18 of which must be FAIS. The CAs and CFAs too will need 20 verifiable CPD hours, over and above the FAIS requirements each year. A daunting task most would agree, with only three months to go.

Verifiable CPD hours
The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) relies on the regulator of all education and training in SA, South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), to approve the likes of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI), The Insurance Institute of SA (IISA) and the Institute of Bankers (IOBSA), who then accredits service providers like FAnews, to deliver verifiable CPD content that meets FAIS requirements. There are strict guidelines to ensure the success of this regulatory process, and while there are numerous CPD service providers, not all offer verifiable CPD hours.

If you have more than one Class of Business, Key Individuals, Representatives and those under supervision will require 18 verifiable FAIS CPD hours. The attendance of CPD accredited events must be supported with a valid accredited CPD certificate from an accredited CPD provider, based on the time spent being educated. Any online activity like watching videos that clock-up CPD hours must also comply with the inclusion of a mandatory assessment in order to award the accredited, verifiable CPD certificate. Make sure the service providers you have partnered with offer the assessment so that you earn your verifiable CPD points.

  • Read FAnews and receive three CPD hours per edition – no cost, as always
    FAnews recognised the challenges faced by its readers and got its publication accredited by the FPI and the IISA so that you can now verifiable CPD hours from staying up to date with your industry. As per the above, you will be required to pass an online assessment that proves you engaged with our content.
  • The FAnews Hub – expanding our offering
    But wait, there’s more… We have just launched a new digital CPD service for financial professionals on top of our free offering. Now all of our readers can easily access accredited CPD content in the form of videos, podcasts and reading, off their phones, tablets or PCs, both online or offline. This unique service also allows users to aggregate CPD points from multiple CPD service providers, to manage an efficient centralised CPD scorecard, like a competence register. Click here for details.

Accredited content
The FAnews CPD HUB is a collaboration with THE CPD HUB, which is powered by BLACK ONYX who, like FAnews, is an accredited CPD service provider by the FPI. All the content available on the HUB is accredited by the FPI and IOBSA, and verifiable through the online assessments at the end of each module. Upon completion of each assessment, users will receive a certificate. Depending on the package you choose off the HUB, the certification may be aggregated into one concise CPD certificate or a central register as available via the PLATINUM package to make life easier.

Cost-effective and time considerate
Click here  to visit the FAnews CPD HUB and get started with the mandatory Ethics and Practice Standards (three to five hours). For as little as R499, you can access the RDR podcast series by Kobus Klein and earn 3 CPD hours by listening to one of the most relevant regulatory topics affecting all FSP’s today . Here you will be also exposed to 20 diversified investment strategies (traditional, passive, boutique), delivered by award-winning asset managers ensuring you are better informed about investing. You will also be able to access the FAnews publications, which will satisfy your financial planning and insurance curriculum, notwithstanding the fact that all our CPD content will satisfy all Classes of Business.

For more information, please refer to the FAnews CPD HUB here.

Editor's thoughts:
At FAnews we believe in collaboration and when you find like-minded people who share you passion to make this industry a better one, it is easy to find ways to work together. We still serve you with the free FAnews professional reading hours, but this will just expand our offering to give you more. Please comment below, interact with us on Twitter at @fanews_online or email me your thoughts




Added by Carla-Thea, 30 Mar 2023
CPD Points
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Added by SIphe, 08 Apr 2022
Are the FAIS CPD general, technical or ethical?
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Added by Julius , 24 Feb 2020
I have registered online but have not received a verification Email to complete my registration for CPD Points
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Added by nkateko Hlanyisi, 06 Sep 2019
please assist I need my cpd points, however I cannot find the tab that I have to click on so I can view them
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Added by Lettie Vorster, 30 Mar 2019
please could you assist with registration for reading of the magazines to obtain CPD points.

thank you
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Added by Linda, 15 Feb 2019
Yes they are.... All activities has to be approved as verifiable by a SAQA recognised professional body. You can go to then go to learning providers and look at their Recognised CPD Providers
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Added by Alan, 13 Feb 2019
They seem to be FAIS CPD compliant courses but only for long-term, not short-term. Please confirm this is correct or set me straight if I am missing something.
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Added by Alan, 13 Feb 2019
Please clarify if the FAnews magazine and FAnews CPD Hub are FAIS CPD compliant or not.
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