Camargue interns don’t make coffee – they make an impact!

08 April 2013 Mitch Marescia, Camargue
(From L/R) Thabani Ngubeni, John Stebbing, Bonisile Ndhlovu, Agostinho Domingos, Mitch Marescia, Nadine Nanchou and Ablonia Ramela.

(From L/R) Thabani Ngubeni, John Stebbing, Bonisile Ndhlovu, Agostinho Domingos, Mitch Marescia, Nadine Nanchou and Ablonia Ramela.

Embracing Bobby Godsell’s “Each One Hire One” agenda that challenges corporates and individuals alike, to create gainful employment opportunities and get more South Africans working, Camargue Underwriting Managers responded with a new internship programme

Camargue’s programme, an investment in South Africa and the future of the insurance industry, will establish a pool of young talent, trained in business communication and administration, as well as in selling its products and all things insurance. By developing a programme for the benefit of up-and-coming school leavers who can receive the mentorship and practical experience they need to start a career in the insurance industry, Camargue believes it is effecting meaningful change; it is challenging the industry to step up and do the same.

Camargue Managing Director, Mitch Marescia says, “It is our belief that this is CSI with real industry relevance and will unlock doors for these young students, who will either remain on at Camargue or be placed in permanent positions with our partners in the industry. Unlike the way so many businesses have cheapened what CSI stands for, by merely score carding their spend, we are owning our part in building society. We believe we are increasingly finding the ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to corporate responsibility and progressively becoming a firm of endearment.”

Marescia adds that that there is no better way to learn about the industry than to participate in it, first-hand. “Our interns are therefore welcomed into the various divisions of our company, where they take up a role in a specific area of our business and are mentored by volunteering staff. They receive a real responsibility on an existing project with targets against which they will be assessed.

“They are not left to fend for themselves though,” assures Marescia. “Our existing team of highly experienced specialist underwriters provide the interns with the necessary direction and coaching to undertake their given assignments. Our training LAB also provides pivotal instruction and plays a big role in their up-skilling.”

In addition to the practical work experience, the interns have also been put through monthly training sessions away from the office, with the Insurance Learning Academy. The content covered in these sessions includes, amongst many other topics: insurable risk and underwriting, personal motor and contents insurance, multi-peril insurance, industry ethics, compliance and Law of Contract.

“Six months have passed since the training began, and the Academy is ever more confident of the academic success our interns will achieve,” says Marescia. “This prized combination of training and practical application is the ideal model to pave the way for candidates who we envision will have a long and prosperous career in the short-term insurance industry.”

For more information on Camargue’s Internship Programme contact the team on (011) 778 9140 or visit:

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