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12 November 2021 PPS

You can help towards developing South Africa’s next wave of young professionals

Making a difference in the lives of students and driving change is a lot easier than many imagine. From as little as R100, once-off or in the form of recurring payments, individuals and corporates can donate to the PPS Foundation and give students and academic institutions a chance to thrive during and beyond the pandemic.

Given the tough times many people are going through, it has never been more important to give back. It is encouraging to note that although the pandemic has presented various challenges, people’s attitudes towards gift-giving have been positive. The hard lockdown has influenced people to look at other ways to give back to and support communities and causes they care about. Many want to stay connected with such causes in ways that remain safe even during the pandemic.

As with all other years, keeping the “nurturing potential” vision and programmes going and contributing to the country’s sustainable development remained a steadfast goal for the PPS Foundation. The harsh reality is that the pandemic has added more pressure on students and academic institutions. However, the PPS Foundation has continued to drive its work and programmes to enable beneficiaries to continue with studies, educational institutions to facilitate lectures, and recent graduates to transition smoothly from tertiary to the world of work.

Some of the support provided by the PPS Foundation has included providing institutions with funds to acquire digital devices and internet data during the crossover to e-learning. It is always uplifting when the PPS Foundation can assist a more significant number of individuals who can concentrate on their academics because they have one less thing to worry about. This is made a reality through the comprehensive financial support offered as part of the PPS Foundation’s Bursary Programme. This programme funded 64 students during the 2021 academic year. As the year comes to a close, the work commences in preparation for the support required in the new year.

“If individuals and businesses are looking for ways to spread the festive cheer as well as a reliable partner to do this with, the PPS Foundation is here. We are acutely aware that the last 18 months have not been easy for many people. However, we would like to urge existing and potential donors to lend their support to us by making donations because our beneficiaries’ need to be supported and equipped has never been greater,” says Masenyane Molefe, Executive Trustee of the PPS Foundation.

There is also an opportunity for donors to share in the joy at the end of the tax year because supporting the PPS Foundation attracts many benefits. Whether big or small, donations allow individuals and companies to claim a tax deduction on annual income returns since the Foundation is a SARS-registered public benefit organisation. Donations can be made to the PPS Foundation at, and donors receive a Section 18A certificate that can be used for tax deduction purposes.

“During the festive season, the donations will be another way of ensuring that even as we are still contending with the COVID-19 pandemic, students and future graduate professionals are aided with the necessary skills, tools, and mechanisms to shape a better and stronger South Africa,” shares Molefe.

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