Absa introduces its evolved Gen A Grad Programme

06 June 2019 Absa

Absa has launched its evolved graduate recruitment programme, the Gen A Grad Programme, which has advanced from its Rising Eagles Graduate Programme. The Gen A Grad Programme reflects the bank’s continued commitment to harnessing and nurturing the workforce of the future, focusing in particular on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) combined with leadership.

By as soon as 2020, nearly 80 percent of jobs will require a blend of science, technology, engineering and maths, so it is essential that companies contribute to building a digitally savvy future workforce equipped to handle the realities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

While STEM is the main focus of the programme, it will also bring in leadership and other human behavioural skills that are taught mainly in arts or humanities degrees – because the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a blend of STEM and the human element.

“As a forward-thinking bank committed to bringing the continent’s possibilities to life, we are well-positioned to shape this generation of young leaders,” says Dr. Thokozile Lewanika Mpupuni, Group Head of Leadership, Learning and Talent at Absa.

The graduate programme has been renamed the Gen A Grad Programme to reflect a new generation of young African achievers and thinkers. A generation that understands the power of technology but also knows that human smarts, collaboration and leadership are the key to unlocking this potential to bring Africa’s full possibilities to life.

At the centre of the programme will be a focus on building human emotional intelligence in this workforce of the future, in order to embed understanding and resolve on the critical role that humans must play in the age of artificial intelligence and super computers.

Absa has created the world’s first human quantum computer – a platform where Africa’s brightest young minds can connect in the ultimate ‘hive mind’ to solve African specific challenges aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Absa recognises that one brain has the processing power of thousands of super computers, and so a collective meeting of hearts and minds with technology can unleash powerful solutions for growth.

“Absa understands we have a critical role to play in shaping Africa’s future. We remain committed to attracting the best Gen A talent and developing this generation of leaders to adapt quickly to the evolving world of work and collaborate effectively to deliver solutions to the many challenges we face in Africa,” says Dr. Lewanika Mpupuni.

If you’re a Gen A leader in your final year of a Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths degree who wants to collaborate with Africa’s smartest talent, apply for the Gen A Grad Programme. If you’re not a final year student, but still want to collaborate with us for the chance to win a Macbook Air, then register to take a Human Quantum Computer challenge. For more information, and to grow your career and our continent, visit

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