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SA’S frontline government healthcare workers to get free wills and legal cover from Capital Legacy

21 April 2020 Capital Legacy

Wills and estate administration company, Capital Legacy, has offered a free, telephonic Will-drafting service with complementary cover for Executor and related fees up to R250 000, at no cost, to South Africa’s healthcare workers in the public sector.

“As part of our effort to help our country and its people during this crisis, we wanted to use what we do best to help. Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 and this offer is one way we believe we can help make a difference during these uncertain times,” says Alex Simeonides, CEO of Capital Legacy.

It is imperative for healthcare workers to ensure they get their financial affairs in order as they continue to work in potentially high-risk settings. Many healthcare workers face the reality of death daily. Knowing their Will is up to date and any unforeseen legal costs related to death are covered, alleviates at least some of the worries they may have.

Simeonides said there had been increased interest from people wanting to draft their Wills since the pandemic spread globally. To accommodate this, while adhering to the national lockdown rules, the company has adapted its processes to enable a Will to be drafted entirely over the phone.

“A Will addresses issues such as who will take care of minor children and what happens to your assets such as a house, car or investments and savings. It also ensures you’ve planned for the unexpected financial strains on your family should you pass away,” he adds. “People don’t like to think about these things, but a Will is one of the best ways to protect your family should you pass away. We also want to make sure the families who are left behind are not left with a mountain of fees to administer the Estate, hence the R250 000 cover we’re offering.”

More than three quarters of South Africans don’t have a valid Last Will and Testament in place, leaving their families facing an uncertain future should anything happen to them.

“It’s our commitment to help more South Africans get this important document in place, especially for our valued frontline healthcare workers, in the public sector,” says Simeonides.

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