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16 November 2016

FMI - Movember is Men's Cancer Awareness Month...

Movember is Men's
Cancer Awareness Month...
1 in 6 South African men
will be diagnosed with prostate cancer
FMI offers the best cover for prostate cancers,
including higher pay-outs for less aggressive diagnoses
If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer Stage T1, our Critical Illness Lump Sum benefit will pay 25% of your sum insured, regardless of your Gleason Score.

•  Adding our Top-up Option means that these pay-outs will increase to 100%!

What's more, is if you add the Critical Illness Income benefit to your temporary income protection with us, you'll receive a pay-out of 130% of your monthly sum insured for 12 months*, guaranteed, even if you continue to work!
*subject to your waiting period and benefit term
Since prostate cancer is the most common male cancer,
this is an important consideration!
(The Gleason Score is a measure of how aggressive the cancer is, and a score
of at least 7 is a requirement with most insurers to receive a 25% pay-out.)
READ MORE on our web page   Get the full Critical Illness
FMI will donate R50 to the Movember foundation for every
Financial Adviser and FMI employee that partakes in our
#GROWYOURMO competition.
Find the post on our Facebook page here, and get growing!
Are you a financial adviser interested in getting a contract with us?
Call 0860 10 11 19 or email
For more information, visit
FMI is an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 2717.
Insured by Guardrisk Life Ltd FSP 76.

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