Yellowtail’s Figlo advisor implemented at Alexander Forbes

07 December 2015 Jaco Langner, Alexander Forbes
Jaco Langner, the MD of Alexander Forbes Life.

Jaco Langner, the MD of Alexander Forbes Life.

Yellowtail Business Solutions announces its first South African Figlo project is live with diversified financial services group Alexander Forbes.

Figlo, which is distributed in Africa by Yellowtail, is a multi-channel financial planning solution that enables customers of life insurance companies, banks and financial advisors to purchase and interact with financial products on any channel and in real time.

At Alexander Forbes, the Figlo Advisor solution will be implemented within the Alexander Forbes Life division.

Yellowtail was responsible for the onsite implementation of Figlo Advisor and supported Alexander Forbes with consultancy services, configuration, the development of a custom report solution and technical assistance.

Jaco Langner, the MD of Alexander Forbes Life, said Figlo Advisor will make it possible for financial advisors to give their customers improved financial insight, a necessary step in making sound financial decisions. The solution offers scenario planning, goal setting and real-time adjustments - all key steps in delivering holistic advice.

Langner said Alexander Forbes Life has radically simplified its life insurance products and the implementation of the Figo Advisor solution will ensure that the client advice experience is also aligned to the product philosophy.

“By implementing Figlo Advisor we are further improving our customer centric model of advice, which puts our customers’ needs at the centre of what we offer,” said Langner. “Figlo supports our product philosophy and it makes it easier for customers to understand their current financial situation. It helps them to understand what is required to achieve their goals. This is a step closer towards providing our customers with truly accessible advice.”

This is in line with the commitment by Alexander Forbes to Create, Grow and Protect its clients’ wealth and assets through transparent, simple-to-understand financial advice and access to uncomplicated life insurance products.

Maarten Boddeus, Figlo Specialist at Yellowtail Business Solutions said the company was delighted to be playing a role in Alexander Forbes’ transformative programme.

“Around the world Figlo is helping to revolutionise the advisor space by enabling financial insight, it’s exciting to see that this is now set to happen in South Africa. The Figlo platform plays a key role in showing the value of financial advice, and also equips Alexander Forbes with the platform for online and multichannel customer engagement. We’re proud that Alexander Forbes selected Figlo Advisor for this important project.”

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