Alexander Forbes Investments strengthens team and enhances its “Smart Tracker” capability

28 March 2018 Leon Greyling, Alexander Forbes
Leon Greyling, CEO of Alexander Forbes Investments.

Leon Greyling, CEO of Alexander Forbes Investments.

Alexander Forbes Investments has secured a highly skilled team comprising six investment professionals to enhance its “Smart Tracker” capability. The team will strengthen our capabilities to deliver on our outcome-based investment approach under the Living*Investing™ philosophy.

Leon Greyling, CEO, Alexander Forbes Investments says the investment capability of Alexander Forbes Investments is unrivalled in depth, expertise and experience, offering strategies for both corporate and individual clients.

He says six investment management experts (most of whom have worked together in excess of 10 years at ABSA Capital and more recently Ashburton Investments) will be incorporated into the company with effect from 1 May 2018 and, under the leadership of Dr Vladimir Nedeljkovic (Unit Head and Chief Investment Strategist) would include Renzi Thirumalai (Solutions Design), Samantha Schoeman (Smart Beta Implementation), Stuart Wocke (Index Portfolio Manager), Viksha Maharaj (Portfolio Manager and Operations Support) and Chris McPetrie (Quantitative Analyst).

Greyling says the decision to bring on board these investment experts was premised on clients’ needs, the demand for lower cost solutions and the prudent management of total expense ratios.

“As we have begun offering more outcome-based solutions to clients, we identified opportunities to provide a much wider range of solutions, including what we call “Smart Tracker” portfolios (a blend of different market asset classes and strategies, all passively managed or “tracked”, offered through unit trusts, ETFs amongst others). After careful analysis of options available, we have secured an already established team, who bring with them a strong track record and reputation for innovation,” says Greyling.

“Their skill set in investment risk management helps further strengthen our outcome-based investment capability that we have evolved through our Living*Investing™ philosophy. Living*Investing™ puts our clients’ needs at the centre of everything we do, with solutions designed to meet their specific needs” he says.

Dr Nedeljkovic says the team is excited to be joining a leading brand like Alexander Forbes and to be able to participate in its exciting future.

“We have a philosophical alignment with the approach being adopted by the Alexander Forbes Investments’ team and we particularly respect the way clients are central to the solutions they design. Their recent launch of the Alexander Forbes Retirement Income Solution (AFRIS) and Clarity™ is testament to this.”

Gyongyi King, the Chief Investment Officer of Alexander Forbes Investments says, “we continuously strive to invest in our investment capability. Our strategic alliance with Mercer Investment and now the acquisition of this team, are testament to this. We are delighted to welcome Vladimir and the rest of the team on board.”

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