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The CURRENCY HUB crypto-arbitrage active strategy

02 August 2021 Andrew Ludwig

Click on the video link to watch the short interview with David Farelo, Head of Operations and Trading @ CURRENCY HUB.


Cryptocurrency-arbitrage made its way into the mainstream in 2020 and affords South African investors a unique opportunity to accumulate quick profits from cryptocurrencies with low-risk returns. That said, while there are several operators out there, the selection of your service provider should be a thorough one for obvious reasons. Ask yourself; what are the risks, are you exposed to Bitcoin, do these guys have a long track record in crypto-arbitrage, do they have any asset management background, are they regulated in any way and is it legitimized with a legal opinion and consideration of the Currency and Exchanges Act?

South African citizens are entitled to an R11m offshore allowance, allowed to spend their R1m travel allowance every calendar and send R10m offshore for investing each year with a tax clearance certificate. Very few use their full allowance because let’s face it, who has R10m lying around each year? CURRENCY HUB are specialists in the R10m arbitrage trade using the FIA / Tax Clearance Certificate and you are missing out on an earnings potential for not trading R10m each year and here’s how.

CURRENCY HUB is a specialist in crypto-arbitrage, with over 3000 trades spanning more than 4 years with ZERO losses. The founders are well known to the investment community, have deep experience in asset management and have a sophisticated active-trading solution that generates ultra-low risk returns, with ZERO exposure to Bitcoin. The SARB and FOREX counterparties who serve as their Authorised Dealers are familiar with the crypto arbitrage process, which is supported with a legal opinion.

Through various institutional relationships spanning cryptocurrency exchanges, FOREX intermediaries and over the counter (OTC) desks, CURRENCY HUB delivers low transactional fees, premium 24/7 support, deep cryptocurrency liquidity and best price execution. It works like this … Read on, or watch this video:

Having completed their FICA, proof and source of funds and been issued a tax clearance certificate from SARS, the investor will deposit R250,000 into a foreign exchange bank account (opened in the individuals’ name) with one of our Authorised Dealers. This is the only amount required for the full trading cycle.

CURRENCY HUB then trades up to 44 tranches with the R250,000 trading capital over 2-3 months to get to the maximum offshore allowance of R11m. This aims to deliver a variable return determined by the premium and exchange rate which is currently around 3% (premium dependent). After each of the 44 trades, the profits are realised in ZAR, secure in the investors’ foreign exchange bank account and upon completing the trading cycle, the R250,000 trading capital is returned immediately. Done!

Unique to the CURRENCY HUB arbitrage strategy is that their in-house FOREX ensures a larger premium & operational efficiency securing a fixed FX rate a fixed premium, therefore knowing exactly what profits will be realised before committing to any arbitrage trade, essentially taking out all the risk.  With those institutional relationships, CURRENCY HUB is also able to lock in a premium and FX rate for 3 days when the premium is high. No one else in the market can do that. Trading and settlements is daily, therefore 3 times faster than most other arbitrage service providers.

All the while the investor has access to a live spreadsheet to watch the daily trade and returns for themselves, with their profits securely stored with the Authorised Dealer. At the very end of the cycle, the clients are issued a detailed statement clearly showing the premium achieved on their behalf and foreign exchange rates for all 44 trades and their overall profit. This is then shared with their tax practitioners as a clean investment statement.

There are certain criteria that a South African citizen would need to fulfil in order to register with CURRENCY HUB to facilitate the cryptocurrency-arbitrage on their behalf, noting we treat each client as a qualified investor who would need a minimum of R250,000 capital. Please visit CURRENCY HUB for more information on their crypto-arbitrage strategy.

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute financial advice. While the author and his firms are regulated by the FSCA, cryptocurrencies are not a regulated investment.  Please refer to CURRENCY HUB a juristic representative of BLACK ONYX (FSP 50850) for more information.


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