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Altzone - Altrisk’s advisor portal provides greater admin and service efficiencies

11 December 2012 Alrisk
Ryno de Kock, Head of Distribution at Altrisk

Ryno de Kock, Head of Distribution at Altrisk

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Designed to meet the needs financial advisors, Altzone is easy to use and adds value from the first click. It offers exactly what a savvy advisor wants - from managing an existing book of clients, to being in control and informed of servicing and administrative requests and outcomes. It also allows for general analysis and detailed information at a policy level - enabling advisors to manage, view, navigate and download their entire book of Altrisk clients.

Additionally, Altzone provides intelligent mining and searching of client data – made easier via predictive text. Altzone includes various filters such as gender, smoker status, in/out of force policy and policy type to assist advisors in segmenting client databases right down to the finest detail – essential for the planning of upsell and cross-sell strategies.

“One of the greatest burdens for financial advisors is the cost and time associated with the high level of administration that goes with servicing multiple clients in a busy practice. Altzone has been designed to ease this burden and provide information instantly, at any time. Now, following up on a new business application and checking where it is in the application process is possible at the click of a mouse. Policy schedules can be e-mailed directly from the portal to your client. By reducing the administrative burden, advisors are able to focus on important tasks, such as sales and providing advice,” explains Ryno de Kock, Head of Distribution at Altrisk, voted Long Term Insurer of the Year – Risk Products at the 2012 Financial Intermediary Association (FIA) awards.

The development of Altrisk’s financial advisor portal has been based on the premise of getting it right the first time. While further enhancements and developments will be added over the coming months, these will always be about making the work of advisors simpler and faster.

“We believe in doing what we can to alleviate the time pressure on advisors, while keeping in mind the objectives of the planning process. It goes without saying that providing simplicity in all that we do makes it easier for advisors to match their clients’ genuine needs with the right cover. This simplicity extends from our product features and benefits through to general exclusions, quote systems, applications, ongoing management and now, an easy to use and navigate advisor portal,” concludes Ryno.

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