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Increasing the retirement age

July is National Savings Month and there have been a number of initiatives in the industry to increase the public’s awareness around the importance of saving. These initiatives are all geared towards increasing the rate of the number of South Africans who can retire comfortably, as statistics show that only 3% to 10% of South Africans are falling in this category. There have been a number of ideas put forward on how to increase this number, including the suggestion of increasing South Africa’s retirement age. Would this be practical and is it doable?

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Straight Talk
Are we creating a positive looking industry for the public?

How much is the public prepared to pay for advice? And what is the public’s perception on how advisers are remunerated? While there is a lot of concern regarding the outcome of the Financial Services Board’s investigation into the Retail Distribution Review, how often have we stood back to look at the industry from a client’s perspective?

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Advisers need to set themselves apart from the industry clutter

Personal branding is one of the easiest ways to achieve success in any industry. Studies show that the public cares as much about the brand of a product than the actual product itself. Bearing this in mind, is it not time for advisers to start raising the profile of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) mark as a trusted brand name?

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Open Foundation – Retirement Fund Workshops
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Start Date : 09 May 2014
IISA Insurance Forum
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Start Date : 09 May 2014
Insurance Institute of Northern Gauteng - RE1/5 Training
Company : Insurance Institute of Northern Gauteng
Start Date : 12 May 2014
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