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Challenges in developing a nation of progressive investors

If we have to look back at the South African investment landscape over the past 20 years, it is undeniable that the country has made significant progress since 1994. Although challenging, the possibility of a comfortable retirement is within reach of a greater section of the population who are now becoming more educated on the need to actively work towards a comfortable retirement from an early age.

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Playing it safe

She laughed in the face of danger when she was younger, says Letitia Watson. Two kids later, she’ll think twice before boarding a ship full of illegal immigrants on the Malaysian coast. I am so glad my own parents had no idea where (or in what) my husband and I were exploring the world. Backpacking in South America without speaking or understanding a word of Spanish, yet still making it into the Andes mountains, getting into this really scary boat somewhere off the Malaysian coast and only later realizing that it may NOT be the boat meant for tourists and we may just have joined illegal emigrants making for America…

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A deeper problem to the retirement challenge

We are all very familiar with the challenges South African retirees are currently facing. To date, industry experts have presented a number of arguments as to why very few South Africans can achieve a safe retirement, and all of them point to the consumers’ saving habits and investment decisions.

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The SA motor industry has largely moved from a repair based to a replacement based industry. If a part or panel is damaged on the car, it will most likely be replaced before it is repaired.


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