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Are we doing our best to open doors to business?

The English poet John Donne famously stated that no man is an island entire of itself; while this statement was made hundreds of years ago, it is particularly applicable now if we look at the globalisation of business and how the world has become smaller through the growth of the internet.

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Straight Talk
Combat fraud in order to start treating insurers fairly

Fraud happens in the industry when people lose track on the original purpose of insurance, to protect the insured in the case of a loss. This does not mean that the insurer is compelled to entertain cases where the insured tries to claim for cases of negligence.

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Changing at a rapid pace

In an age where the whole world seems to be going digital, transactions are increasingly being done or are stored over the internet. This is known as our digital footprint, be it credit card swipes to comparing products from different insurers on the internet, there are seemingly very few functions that we perform in this day and age that is not recorded in some way shape or form.

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