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Addressing an archaic system

While politically motivated risk has always been a risk that South Africa has traditionally dealt with in some way, shape or form throughout our turbulent history, this risk has been particularly highlighted over the past two years and threatens to boil over in the future. While this is a risk that is very hard to avoid in the South African context, it is a risk that needs to be paid attention to as it needs to be managed in such a way that the effects on the public will not be as pronounced as it has been since the #FeesMustFall campaign.

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Straight Talk
The Good, the bad and the Big Data Sherriff

“Information should be at the core of any functional society. The more we learn, the better we become at applying new concepts, ideas and changes,” Alec Hogg, Founder The industry has been embracing Big Data for a while now. Of all the trends that are likely to impact the industry in a meaningful way, Big Data looks to be one that will take centre stage.

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Everywhere you go, you take liability with you

Liability is a subject that is never a cut and dry situation. While they exist on very definite foundations, the road towards these foundations is often not so clear. In an effort to clarify the issue of liability sales with its brokers, Camargue recently held a roadshow where it explained the issues by way of example

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